HDHomerun + Plex Stopped working again



Hey folks, I have the latest version of the HDHomerun plugin for plex. I had TV stream working and then recently it just stopped working. I verified IP settings was correct and I see in the HDHomerun logs the tuner gets the call, plex says it is buffering but the video never plays.

I have run into this multiple before where my ability to stream just stops working, but all methods Ive used to resolve in the past don't seem to be doing the trick anymore. Any suggestions?


I assume you mean the Plex DVR function. I will move it to the correct forum part. Let me know otherwise.


sound more like he means the 3rd party plugin to display live tv.


Oops. Sorry, my bad. I'll move it over there then. Thanks :-)


Thank you guys. Yes I am talking the 3rd party plugins HDHomerunViewer and HDGrandSlam.