hdmi switch problems



just installed rasplex on my new unit and connected to the 2-port switch i'm using to forward the signal to my soundbar that only has one hdmi port. Used to have a boxee box + xbox 360 connected and it worked just fine. but the rasplex doesn't work with the switch. I put the tv to HDMI2 and the soundbar to HDMI mode and does not get any image/sound. But when connecting the rasplex straight to HDMI3 it works fine. I also noted that when connecting the rasplex unit to the hdmi switch the tv find two CEC units (called Anynet+ on samsung) XBOX and RASPLEX so some kind of signal goes through. But when I choose them nothing happens more that it tries to connect and gets no connection. Might it be some kind of setting for the video settings in rasplex or is it the raspberry pi that is incompatible with switches? 




Rasplex works with the Monoprice switch i use, I'm not sure what the issue is here, but it probably has something to do with the switch.

HDMI and CEC are really sketchy standards.


It could be an HDCP/EDID issue, this will help https://bzbexpress.com/KD-HDFIX22/HDMI-Extender-Booster-Buffer-of-EDID-with-Audio-De-Embedder-by-Key-Digital.html