Headless Plex Music Player



Hi Guys,

So like many of you I have a home theater PC running Plex. While it is great to have the TV on for movies and TV it is not great to have the TV on for music. This is especially challenging because I have a plasma screen and don't want static images on the screen (like album artwork). What would be great to see is a music deamon that can run on windows (linux would work though) that uses WASAPI to output music from plex the remote app or server. That way when the TV is off I can stream music to that, if I turn on the TV I can just start Plex Home Theater. Obviously if I am the only one who would find this helpful then it is not worth it I think headless music players are very important for whole home audio.


Hi me262,

I really like the idea, headless music client would be awesome



Indeed, would be a great feature if Plex is used as server in a HiFi environment!


Such solutions exist, but they are not Plex clients specifically. I have my PMS on a Western Digital PR4100 and the media files are all on a share that is network accessible. I use Plex Apps and clients for accessing all media in my home network, but I also have a headless RuneAudio player that accesses my music collection directly from the network share.

It is more responsive (faster to find and start playing music) than any current Plex client and sounds great on my little Raspberry Pi3 with a DAC+ daughter card. You lose out on the Plex extras, and it is organized differently, but it is targeted for audiophiles. It is also an AirPlay client (though sadly not a ChromeCast compatible player). All controlled by a browser page or by Android app.



I run openPHT in a VNC session, kind of headless, as I have no physical display connected yet to my media center equipment, headless mode could be awesome though.


MusicBee is Another and that can work via Chromecast