How do I bring thumbnails/movie and album art to show again?


Hello All,

So I have plex home server running all of my media. For some reason the movie thumbnails/artwork, album artwork etc has vanished. I found the little square up in the top right hand side on my windows media server, however that didn’t restore my thumbnails. Can anyone help me figure out how to get my artwork, thumbnails, etc back please? There should be a photo with an example in here.


There should be a photo with an example in here.


Did you recently 'expand' the capacity of your system hard drive? (Either by adding a second drive or by merging partitions)
Plex needs the NTFS file system on the partition where its data folder is stored. But after you did one of the above actions, it gets converted to ReFS (Windows storage spaces).


Right now I have an 8TB external drive running into the PC. Plex is set up to look for media on that drive.


Sorry, that is not what I asked.
Plex stores a whole lot on information in its data folder
And that one is not where your media is stored, but on the 'system' drive of Windows. (usually C:)