How do I change the locality for the news.



Plex asked me for my zip code when I 1st set news up, but I am dissatisfied with the results and wish to try a different zip code. I've read the FAQ as well looking at my settings, but did not see where to change the zip. (new service, bugs to be worked out, I'm sure)



If you are using one of the TV players ( Roku, Apple TV, Android TV) it is in the news personalization settings. ( it is not in main app settings)

personalization settings on Roku for example are here


Obvious once I know where to look. Thanks for the fast response.


This is great, but it doesn’t work in the Plex for LG TV, Plex for Android app, or Plex for Web - which is all I’m running. I guess I could try loading Plex on the PS3, but that seems like a LOT of work just to customize the locale for a section that, honestly, should be tied into the main part of the personalization …


I’m an Ex-pat and want American news, even though I live in Holland. The fix listed above doesn’t allow me any alternative to The Netherlands, however. This need to be fixed.


I’m not convinced that this feature works at all.

I’ve set my location to UK and all I see is American news. There’s NOTHING offered to me which originates/references/is to do with the UK.