How to adjust subtitle timing



I have been trying to fix this issue for weeks. I found videos and tutorials on how to add subtitles automatically via and that seems to work. My problem is that the timing of the subtitles are way off and in some cases more than 10-20 seconds off from the actual dialogue.

Is there a way to adjust the timing of subtitles?



there’s usually quite a number of different versions of each movie “in the wild” – sometimes that’s actually different versions (theatrical, directors cut, extended edition…), sometimes it’s just due to the local distributors adding their own logo with a different runtime.

That’s why those subtitles might work flawlessly for users in certain countries and others have a constant fight with them. Plex itself provides no adjustment option for subtitles (which might help if it’s constantly a fixed amount of time off). You might try if your TV can add a time shift to the subtitles. Otherwise you’ll depend on searching for the “right” subtitles matching your video.


Another possibility is to use Subtitle Edit.