How to enable DLNA movie thumbnails for Sony 2017 4K TV, KD-43XE7077 (in US is KD43X720E)?



Hi guys,

I need your help on a matter that was probably asked a thousands times for Sony BRAVIA TVs. I've recently bought a 4K Sony BRAVIA 2017 TV (KD-43XE7077 model) which does not come with Android TV but with older Opera TV (Linux). Using DLNA / Generic profile I was able to Direct play 1080p Blu-Ray rips from my Plex Win 10 server in mkv format with DTS/DD (AC-3) sound passed-through optical out of my TV to Logitech z906, and mkv embedded PGS subtitles (!) which is really awesome. Of course the only problem is that the TV does not show Album art for movie thumbnails. I've read several posts on this forum and I understand that there are 2 settings that need to be enabled for this to work:

However since I'm a complete noob on Plex DLNA profiles I do not know where to add these lines. I still want to use the Generic profile which as I understand is enforcing Direct Play on all streams but I do not know where to tweak the 2 settings above. Is there any possibility to make a copy of the Generic profile, add an identifier for my specific TV + the 2 settings tweaks above?

Thanks a lot in advance!


Sorry, somehow the 2 settings line were deleted when I post the questions:
" Setting name="AlbumArtPN" value="JPEG_TN", Setting name="EmitAlbumArtResources" value="true" "


No kind soul out there that is willing to give me some hints?
Practically I need a profile that do not transcode anything: my TV is perfectly capable of playing mkvs with video h.264, h.265, VC-1, mpeg2 (I've checked my DVDs and blu-ray rips and I only have h.264 4.1, VC-1 and MPEG2), sound AC-3, DTS, E-AC3 (all my blu-ray rips have a DTS-HD MA track with a DTS core and I also included an AC-3 audio track when ripping, all DVDs ahve an AC-3 track) and pgs, srt subtitles (yes, Bravia TV 2017 DLNA player has no problem displaying pgs subtitles embedded in mkvs). Just need some help on making such profile: what regex name to put in order to clearly identify my TV (KD-43XE7077), what lines to have for direct play and where to put the 2 settings from my post above for the thumbnails to work.

Thanks in advance for any hint!!!!


No answer to that ?? I have the same issue. I tried to create the profile starting from Sony Bravia 2013.xml the only thing I did was to modify the regex to match with KD-43XE7077. The new DLNA profile is correctly loaded but still no pics/art