How to take Screenshots of RasPlex



Hi guys,

I am building some RasPlex players on RasPi Zero Ws which I am wanting to install in a small hotel I am involved in. I have got the build working fine so far, but I need to put together some simple instructions for the guests and the staff. I am looking for a way to take some screenshots of the UI to put in the documentation, but I am having trouble.

I came across a utility called "scrot" which looks ideal, but it doesn't look as if LibreELEC will allow me to install it on RasPlex. Is there a way that this can be installed on RasPlex or is there an alternative utility that will work.

Any advice or guidance you can give will be greatly appreciated.


Tony Self


With a keyboard connected, I think it’s CTRL+S to take a screenshot.


Kodi shortcuts (which Plex is based upon) are here:

AFAIK these are more or less the same for Rasplex.


Thanks for the response. Do you know where the screenshots taken will be stored?


Ok. Have taken my first screenshot successfully and know where it’s been stored.

Thanks for you help Alan