I can't find the Optimise feature.


So I have used PLEX seccessfully up to now, but suddenly, I cant find the feature which optimises my Home Videos for viewing on my TV. I have the latest version of PLEX.
Up to now, I simply clicked the 3 vertical dots on the Video Thumbnail and then selected Optimise which gave as one choice, "Optimise for TV"
But Optimise is no longer available when I click the 3 dots.
Please help


what version of the Plex server do you have installed and with what version of Plex Web do you work (e.g. local version installed on your server via https://your-ip-address:32400/web vs. online/hosted version via https://app.plex.tv/desktop)? You can see the version in Settings > Web / Server in the respective start page.

I’ve just checked this on Plex Media Server via Plex Web 3.37.1 (online) and 3.31.1 (local). The optimize action is available in all of my context menus.

Question 2: do you actually need to optimize your content to playback on your TV?


As is often the case, it was finger trouble.
I was trying to load the videos as photos, along with actual jpegs.
Why? Because I like to look at pictures and videos of, say a holiday, in chronological sequence.
Once I loaded them under the Video label, then the Optimise was available.
However when I tried to play there ‘Optimised’ videos I got a message – your {WiFi} connection to the server is not fast enough to play this video.
I have had similar problems with other streaming methods, with a lot of buffering on playback.
So, I happened to have a means of feeding the TV with a cable Ethernet link from the router.
Amazingly, it worked well, to the extent that I don’t need to Optimise the videos – I can run the originals without change.
Still not found out why the WiFi link was failing, as my basic internet speed is 38Mb/s.
However that’s academic now.
Many thanks for your answer – it prompted me to thinking of the alternative solution.