In the iOs client, recently updated, I cannot see my Server Libraries



Using the IOs client on an iPad, the client software loads and appears stable, but it does not show any of the server libraries. Both client and server are logged in under the same plex user name. In the server, under settings / devices, I can see that the iPad connected to the server in the past few minutes. On the iPad, if I select Movies under Media Types, I end up at a page encouraging me to Add Mives To Plex. When I select Add A Library, I'm taken directly to support articles about getting started with Plex. This is crazy - the server has been running for months, it works from the web console on the PC. All the libraries are there and playable from the server console in Firefox.


I’m having this exact problem, but with the iPhone app. My server (PC) and iPhone are both on the same network, but my Plex app does not automatically find my libraries. Help!!


Have you tried signing out and back into the Plex Client? There’s been some reports where this helped and users were back to normal afterwards…