Infinitiv4 and live streaming of shows and plex



I am just confused on reading everything but here is what i am trying to do. I need a streaming player that will give me live tv instead of putting a dvr device. i would like to play live tv at times using plex and infinitv4 card. I would also like record shows to be able to play them. I have right now plex doing dvd rips from our movies which works for me but wife and kids want live tv from our cable company . Then to record some shows and then able to get to them.

I am unable to run cable as how a couple of the rooms where done and on the second floor. Please let me know what i can do. What format does it record in. Also would silicon dust hdhomerun 3 be better ?

right now i am using a plex client on a roku 2 to get the movies to the middle floor. I do have laptops if that would be better and do what i want but the roku's would be nicer as they are smaller.