Install.rdf file do not exist. Install module fail.



I have been happily running Plex Media Server on two N4200ECO NAS, until I received an email from Plex today telling me I have until March 16 (4 days) to upgrade to the latest version or Plex will cease to work. If I try to upgrade using the downloads from the Plex site I get this error

Module will install/upgrade ,please do not reload or close admin UI
2016/03/12 12:29:51: Install.rdf file do not exist.
2016/03/12 12:29:51: Install module fail.

The Plex software I am currently running I sourced from the Thecus Apps download, but this software hasn't been updated in years and I am on the latest version available from there.


I am also getting this error


Have you tried uninstalling, rebooting the NAS, and then installing the new version? I know it sounds like a pain, but you might try it. I had issues with my N5550 when moving from the Thecus provided version to the Plex provided version- different install paths, etc. The upgrade failed for me and left a mess- I had to SSH in and clean up the old directories before I could reinstall.


I have tried this but it does not work and I have the same problem as well, does anybody else found another solution?


Hi mccauma,

have you solved this problem, have the same error message?
Thanks for a feedback...


Hi, Im trying to install Plex (which I d/loaded from Plex site for Thecus NAS) on my N4200Eco and i see that I have hit the same problem as mccauma.
Install.rtf does not exist ... and cant install the module.
Hope there is a solution out there. Thank you in advance for any assistance:)