Is it possible to disable News using WD My Cloud?



So I've read the "Managing Access to Plex News" thread and it states it's possible to disable. There is a picture showing where "Online Media Sources" can be accessed. However, I don't have that option (though all the others are visible). I've got the latest version of the Plex Server running on my WD My Cloud device.

Is this option simply not available for this configuration? If not, any idea when it will be made available?

Thanks in advance.


Does this direct link help you:!/account/online-media-sources ?


Thank you, that did give me the option. However, I’m a bit confused. So I’ve always used a “local” address ( where that IP is my local server. Your reply indicates that is running a “public” version of the management interface? Is that what I should always be using?

Very interesting.


If your server is signed in to your Plex account (I believe you can see this in Settings --> Server), you have the ability to access your Plex server through If your server is configured for Remote Access, you can then access your Plex server anywhere outside your local network (where your local IP won’t work).


i use the “local” address way
You just need to click the top right user icon and from that drop down menu choose “account”… its in there