Is there a way to have OpenPHT on Windows, cache more assets?



Really liking OpenPHT on windows, but there is a bit of "pop in" when it loads posters on the pre-play screen for movies. You see the Plex logo poster for a second before it loads the poster.

Any way to have it pre-fetch/scan you library and populate things like backgrounds, posters, thumbnails ahead of time? Is there a way to increase the size of this local cache, etc.?



Any chance that this will work with OpenPHT?


I dont see any pop for the preplay screen on openpht on windows, what skin are you using?


Thanks for responding.

All three skins show lag in loading the poster - openpht, black, and Aeon.

Aeon is less noticible because it slides in from the left. But you can see the lag easier in he other two. Once a poster is loaded, you can return to the movie and it loads immediately, even after a close and restart of openpht. I’ve attached some frames from a multi picture photo series from my phone. These are not all the photos, just selected key ones to illustrate.


whats hardware / specs are you running openpht on and your PMS server?


Client specs. The hard drive is a Samsung 512GB SSD. Other thing to note is that when I don’t have the backgrounds hidden on the pre-play screen they are immediately available, but the poster takes time to load. One would think if there was a server client bottle neck the larger backgrounds would lag as well. Additionally 1080p movies start immediately.


Pictures from openpht specs screen for client.


Server specs . It has a 250gb SSD for the OS and plex


Both are Running Gig duplex, on a gig switch.


should preform well

you say Nox is fine?

OpenPHT stores its cached files in %APPDATA%\OpenPHT\userdata\Thumbnails - that folder is 5GB containing 69,000 jpgs on my main htpc running OpenPHT, so it does cache quite a large amount already


Nox is having the behavior as well. It is just as noticeable because of 2 things. 1) Nox does not put a default/placeholder poster up first before replacing it with the actual poster. The other two skins use a deafult poster, as seen in the screenshot below.


And 2) The poster slides in from the left, so that motion distracts your eye a bit and makes the loading less noticible. But you can tell it is happening, when you know to look for it.

My Thumbnails folder is only 494.1 MB, with 5,625 files currently. I can watch it increase this count by 4 files, each time I open a new movie’s pre-play screen. It places the 4 files in different folders under the thumbnails directory (C, 4, 2 and 4 in the last operation.)

So it is caching files after you access something new, it’s just not pre-caching anything. I guess that is normal behavior? I’d like to find a way to have OpenPHT do a periodic scan and grab all of these thumbnails ahead of time.


Another interesting item of note is that the fan art backgrounds are larger in size than the poster, and thereis no visible lag on loading the background. The most recent fan art background is 1920 x 1080 at 345k vs 1000 x 1500 232k for the poster that was cached.


@Alitchy said:
Any chance that this will work with OpenPHT?

If anyone is curious, this utility does not work with OpenPHT. I spent an hour to no avail in configuring it. I guess that OpenPHT does not use the Textures13.db the same way as normal Kodi, since it pulls from Plex.

The app returns 0 results for movies, but will for addons. :( So dead end there.

I have noticed that the smaller posters shown on the carousel view load immediately. It is the larger posters shown in the movie pre-play screen that lag.

For now I found where the default poster is being displayed in the appropriate views.xml and made turned the visible tag to false, in it's control. The lag is still there, but it's not as obvious since the default poster with the plex logo on it, is not visible until the real poster loads.


So, feel kind of like I'm talking to myself now, but I believe I have figured out the issue.

After noticing the lag on an OpenPHT client installed on the Plex server computer, I figured it did not have anything to do with the laptop running the client in the theater, and it is most likely not the network.

I then started looking at the other views displaying posters, and looking for lag there. I noticed that the carousel view does not exhibit lag when opening it's posters, unlike the pre-play screen.

A comparison of the controls that load the poster, yielded one material difference:

The Carousel view used - texture background="false">$VAR[ListItemPoster] The Preplay view used - texture background="false">$INFO[ListItem.Art(bigThumb)]</texture

I'm not a kodi/skinning expert, but it looks like the preplay view is using some kind of array to pull the poster, while the Carousel is directly referencing the poster already selected from list? Must be some lag in reading the array and selecting the right texture, is my guess.

What I do know is that when I took the texture background line from the Carousel view and swapped it into the preplay view- the poster loads immediately. No lag at all!

I have selected movies from the other views, the home screen's on deck and they all seem to work fine. So it doesn't look like I broke anything else in making this change.