Is there a way to play a SPECIFIC trailer for a movie in my library?



I have had Plex for a few months, and overall am a Convert. The one thing that I am missing from XBMC, was the ability to click the context menu for a movie and Watch a Trailer. I have read about Trailers and Extras for a Plex Pass, but that seems to only show random trailers before your movie (or how it reads to me.)

Anyone know of a way to have this feature? or is it the Plex Pass, and it just isn't explained well?

Thank you very much for your help!


If you have trailers in your media folders, you can get Plex Media Server to offer them with local asset naming conventions.

If you are wanting Plex to offer trailers automatically from an external library, you have to be a Plex Pass member.

Users with a Plex Pass subscription can automatically have extras added to their library. These extras are sourced from a licensed online provider and will stream for you as needed.


Once the automatic trailers are added to your library, you can play any of them if you like.
Yes, there is a dedicated ‘trailer’ button in many Plex clients to play the trailer for this particular movie.

Here is how it looks like in Plex Web with locally added trailers and extras (the only difference to automatic trailers is that local trailers are added by you [usually ripped from disks] whereas the automatic trailers are just shortcuts to online hosted content).


Thanks guys. I ponied up for a month to see if that is what the Plex Pass did. IMHO, the description didn't say that. It talks about putting trailers in front of your movie, which I wasn't as interested in.


It seems after using XBMC for about 15 years and now moving to Plex, that features like the trailer stuff makes Plex an app similar to XBMC, but worse, and you have to pay for it. I can’t seem to adjust audio delay too. Im undecided about wether to switch back to kodi.