Issues with PS3 Plex



I am having an issue with some of the files that I have been playing through my PS3.
These files work fine through the PS4 I might add.

So they are all HEVC x265 MKV's done in H265 Main 10@L4.0 and all have AAC 5.1 6 channel 10bit audio with a sample rate of 24KHz. The video plays fine, but the audio comes through weird. I would not say it is crackling exactly, but it is more like a vibration in the audio. Like when you talk through a fan or when you talk and shake your finger over your voice box.
I had a look at the Plex that is hosting the files and it says that it is transcoding the video from HEVC to H264, but direct streaming the audio.
Also I find that when I set it to play a season of these files sometimes it will go to the next, but most of the time it will crash the app. This also happens if I try to exit the video manually by pressing circle.

I went into the setting of the Plex player on the PS3 and disabled the direct play & direct streaming in the video section, but it made no difference.

I also have my log set to verbose, but I cant make heads or tails of it. So if you need any of it to help figure out what the issue might be, then you will have to tell me where to look please.

Any help is much appreciated, but I am really hoping to find a solution that doesn't mean weeks(possibly months) of re-encoding all these files.



Same issu here AAC 5.1 is not working on PS3 .
However, AAC stereo works fine …


I have also tried to disable direct streaming on both the plex server and the ps3 app, but despite that it still says that it is direct streaming the audio on the now playing screen


I have done a bit more reading and I have noticed that late last year people were talking about how HEVC 10bit audio was not working properly…
Is this still an issue?


Any word on this? I have noticed the same issue via my PS3, but no issues on my Roku Stick. Appears to only occur with HEVC files.


This is still an issue a year later.

Universal Media Server can play the files just fine, while Plex still has the garbled audio issue (and playing from Plex to the PS3 via DLNA is completely broken).

It’s really disappointing to those of us who still use PS3s as media players.


This can be related to the way the game plays back sound through the PS3 itself. If the PS3 is set to Surround Sound in the settings, but the device it’s plugged in to! does not support surround sound, the voices will not be heard and many or some sounds will not play correctly.
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