Listing both TVShowObjects and VideoClipObjects on the same page



I'm doing requests to a service that provides a list of programs. Some of these entries are standalone shows, and some are series with several episodes. When generating the list of objects, I create a either a TVShowObject or a VideoClipObject for each item depending on the show type. This causes a hiccup in the GUI, as the TVShowObjects generate portrait posters and VideoClipObjects generate landscape portraits and the grid gets stacked for portrait posters. This makes too little room for the landscape posters, and both their thumbnail images and titles are overlapping into the next item. So, is it possible to either

1) force TVShowObjects to show landscape posters (preferred, as their images actually are landscape formatted), or
2) force the grid to stack the items such that it generates enough space for both portrait and landscape posters without collision?


Oh, one thing. I ran a quick experiment with this, and found out that the behavior seems to be client dependent, and that in both the web app of the server and in the android app the presentation seems to be dictated by the type of the first element in the list.

So if the first element typically generates a portrait type poster, the subsequent elements with typically landscape type posters collide in the server web app, and have portrait type posters in the android app. If the first element is of a type typically generating landscape type posters, the subsequent elements with typically portrait type posters are left aligned in their "cell" in the web app, and have square type posters (like the first one) in the android app.

So, to refine my question in light of this: Is there any way the channel developer can get control ofthis presentation even if it's at least to some extent client dependent? At a minimum would be preferrable to avoid element collision in the presentation, as that looks totally broken. Or, still preferrably, forcing objects with typically portrait style posters to have VideoClipObject-like posters – both because of the original format of the posters, and because it looks weirdly inconsistent in the android app when the presentation depends on the type of the first element.