Looking for advice on WeTek



We figured out that the videos that didn't work on our system were because they were HEVC files that don't play on our raspberry pi 3 using rasplex. I'm looking for suggestions on what device to replace it with that would support HEVC. We're running a PC as the Plex server, connected to a standard(not smart) 1080p TV through a rasplex setup. I just found out about the limitations that raspberry pi 3 has about playing these file. I keep getting a warning about frame size being too big.
What I'd like to know here is if it would be a good idea to trade the raspberry pi 3 for a new WeTek HUB? We don't have a 4k TV, but I'd like to be able to play my HEVC files.


Yes - do it - Wetek Hub is awesome piece of kit. Make sure you get a fast enough mSD card, makes the browsing experience better :)
I've thrown 70GB hevc files at the Wetek, and plays flawlessly.


I found one on Amazon for $99. I didn't buy it yet though.
I don't suppose there's instructions anywhere on how to set it up with a Plex server?




Looks good. Thanks for the advice.


Does the Wetek Hub play 4K/HDR when used with opnpht?
Have you tried it?


@dobermanuk said:
Does the Wetek Hub play 4K/HDR when used with opnpht?
Have you tried it?

We decided to hold on to the RasPi and just convert all the videos that it doesn't like. At least that's the solution for now. Later we might go for a change of equipment.


Threre is a review of the Wetek Hub in avforums and apparently it plays 4K files but has no HDR capabilities.
I suppose I'd have to wait a bit till something comes up that can run Openpht with support for HDR.