Rasplex vs OpenPHT



Hello, Short intro, I have been a fan of plex since the days of PS3 and I've loved the development of plex through the long years. In 2016 I did get a few Pi3 and re-purposed Pi3 to playing media throughout my house using RasPlex.
I've mostly been happy with the results and my complains about it are small and echoed throughout the realm.
No 4k
HEVC playback.
The 4k is obviously a limitation which can't be resolved, however I have tweaked a lot on my Plex Server (FreeNAS) and in the Rasplex GUI to get the 1080p HEVC files play almost perfectly. I do get screen tearing/artifacting/green screen and obviously the message of "bitrate too high"
I believe the Odroid C2 has issues playingback h264 10bit 1080p files.
I have a few 4k files I do have a few 4k files in both h264 and x265 formats. Can someone throw light on all the aforementioned info?


Plex recently released an official plex media player is for the raspberry pi. It uses the same interface as the PS4 version. It can be downloaded from their site and allows remote control via phones with the normal plex app


Somehow I do like the Rasplex more than the PS4 interface. I might be biased but really the option to rearrange everything as per convince is awesome. Using the Aeon Nox and totally loving it.


Agreed. The interface is so much better on Rasplex/OpenPHT than PMP.