Missing basic subtitles features in Plex app for Shield



Hi, hopefully someone from plex team will read this. Basically, what i am missing most, is better support of subtitles. Good support of subtitles should be considered elementary part of every good media player, in my opinion. In particular i am missing following:

  • change of the color of subtitles. I prefer yellow for example. Even the Plex app for my 6 year old Samsung plazma tv allows to change the color
  • ability to set default subtitles coding for Plex. In my case central europe. I think this is one of the biggest flaws of this Plex for Shield because it forces the user to run computer and perform manual transformation of downloaded srt subtitles into UTF-8 format, which is displayed properly by Plex. Again, this is not some special requirement as some other Plex clients/servers already can proces subtitles in different coding properly.
  • ability to display external srt subtitles when playing 10bit movies. Movies encoded in 10 bit HEVC format are played properly by Plex for Shield client (transcoding of these movies is still an issue, but just playing them on Shield is OK), however external subtitles are not displayed although they are recognized by Plex.

I consider the missing subtitles features to be real annoyence with hopefully easy solution. Please, Plex team, make our Plex player even better by taking my comments into consideration.



I'm leaving Plex for SPMC until the issues above get fixed. I like Plex inreface and the level of integration with Android TV, but simply said - it is unusable. First and foremost - the fact that Plex transcodes videos, just because of extrenal subtitles is no short of ridiculous. This, in combination with the 10-bit HEVC transcoding issue makes it even worse. So, I'm giving up on fighting with Plex until at least the transcode-just-because-of-a-srt is fixed.

In general, most annoying issues, I experienced with Plex are subtitles related :
* unnecessary transcoding
* no option to set subtitles font, color, precise size and location relative to *screen * (not video)
* no option to manually adjust subtitles syncronisation
* other bugs, like Plex missing perfectly playable (with all other players on Shield) subtitles, for unknown reasons

In addition to sub-zero support for subtitles, here comes the other show-stopper - the bug with transcoding 10bit HEVC. This, I can live with more or less, since if we had proper subtitles support, it wouldn't be that annoying, yet ... guys ... if it is an nVidia hardware problem - just downsample to 8bit (with eventually warning users of that fact), but make it watchable. Is it that complicated ?!

The other usbaility bugs - like random crashes here and there, missing video thumbnails etc. ... all they are annoying, but well ... although not acceptable, still - not really show-stoppers ... but the subs are essential. So, I'm leaving you hoping to come back soon ... it's all up to you ;-).


Any news on this? My Samsung app, which is inferior in every other way, has the ability to offset subtitles, change the color, etc. On my $200 external Nvidia Shield TV, I can only change the size.



Unfortunately, it seems to be most difficult sw issue in world to be resolved, otherwise i dont get it. Also a plex client for my 7 years old samsung plazma tv can deal with it. I really dont understand. Simplicity is fine, but not on the cost of user experience. Btw this is the only reason why i rely on the 7 year old plex client for samsung tv, which can deal with subtitles well, instead of the client on shield...which is strange (at least).

Comon plex, deal with this! its really a pain in the ass with such an easy solution!


Hi! I want to change color for yellow too because in my screen white sometimes mixed with background. Only way i found was wrote a script in Java which get my *.srt subtitles in a folder and create new ones in *.ass with yellow color. Worked for me.


This is unacceptable . Just bought the flagship of all plex players, a 200$ device for playing movies with plex and it does not have ANY subtitle options al all. WHEN IS THIS FIXED?