Naming Convention Problems Again!


I finally managed to get a season (Hill Street Blues) recognised by the Plex scanners in my TV shows folder - Whoop di doo eh! Then I tried for hours to get just ONE episode of Blackadder to 'get recognised' but to no avail. I followed the Plex Nija's exact convention.. Drive/TV Shows/Blackadder/Season 03/Blackadder - S03e01-Title_3. I double-checked that this lined up with the naming info on TVDB too. Can anyone kindly offer a suggestion or two please... Many thanks.


Drive/TV Shows/Blackadder/Season 03/Blackadder - S03e01-Title_3

You have a space around the hyphen before: Blackadder - S03E03-Title_3 <— and no space around the hyphen afterwards. You have a capital S and a lower case e (pick one or the other).
If you’re not using FileBot and not going to get the episode name right - just leave it out:
Blackadder -
Blackadder - S03E03 - Nob and

FileBot (link in my signature) can handle that naming and structuring for you automatically or manually in seconds without all the pain and suffering.

What FileBot can’t do is remove possible embedded metadata in the Title Field of MP4/M4V files. Plex will read this info and prefer it over a perfect file name/structure (you don’t have any of those yet), but you can combat that situation by moving Local Media Assets to the bottom of every agent list you can find. All tabs in TV Show and Movies here:
Just drag LMA to the bottom of the list and drop it. If you do have embedded metadata this will cure the issue, if you don’t it won’t matter. LMA will do what it has to from the bottom.

Renaming/restructuring is best performed OUTSIDE the library and you’ll need to write a new bundle for the show so The Plex Dance® was invented:

The Plex Dance®:

  1. remove show/movie from library
  2. update library
  3. empty trash
  4. clean bundles <— update library, empty trash, clean bundles
  5. bring names and structures into compliance/move LMA/etc
  6. replace corrected show/movie into library
  7. update library

All Steps. In Order. No Shortcuts.

A test with:

Produces an instant, fully populated match:

Local Media Assets is at the BOTTOM of all my active agents everywhere, under ALL tabs in Shows and Movies and my MP4 files do not misbehave.


Dear Tony (JuiceWSA),

Thank you so much for such a comprehensive reply, I am most grateful for the time you generously spent and the education provided. All worked exactly as you said first time, with the only snaffu being that I now have TWO “TV Shows” menus, one containing Blackadder episodes and the other with Hill Street Blues episodes! Clearly I have goofed somewhere, but my NAS file structure is very similar to yours.

Z:\TV Shows\Hill Street Blues\Season 02\xxxx etc.
\Blackadder\Season 01\xxxx etc
\Season 02\xxxx
\Season 03\xxxx
\Season 04\xxxx

In Plex, I simply added the above folder structure too and I expected a “nested” outcome - with one “TV Shows” menu containing the two folders currently. Since I got two TV Shows menus, is there a fix please? My plan is to embark on the massive M.A.S.H. complete set, but only when I have solved this issue.

Again, many thanks Tony and all the best,
Colin (Mowster29)


Two TV Show menus means what? You mean two seperate libraries? Are both shows in “Z:\TV Shows”?
You only need ONE TV Show library pointing at Z:\TV Shows. The rest is then “nested” by Plex as you expected.


Many thanks for your reply Coxeroni… I just deleted my test files and started again. My structure then set-up in the nested format as expected. Clearly, I made an error initially. Thanks for your support…


You might check out Sick Beard. I just use it to manage my library and let me know when new episodes are available, but it seems to handle naming a little better than Filebot.


I guess any tool will do the job if you configure it properly.


I invested in Filebot (Doh!) (JuiceWSA - Tony’s suggestion) but I found that to be a simply bizarre… Having followed Tony’s guidance to the letter (and it worked exactly as advised in the PlexWorld) I then tried Filebot for curiosity - but it wanted to re-name my ‘Plex working’ selected episodes entirely differently - not even the relating to same series/season/or production!


You need to Edit Format ONCE to the Plex Style - then it remembers.

You can also just use the {Plex} (edited for accuracy) setting - described in the second of the Filebot links in my signature. I’m an old hand at proper file naming/structuring and type 120WPM, but I still use FileBot every single day. I’m fast, but nobody is as fast as Filebot - or as accurate.

Pretty soon you’re going to find out that little bit of money you invested in FileBot was one of the best moves you EVER made.


Make that {plex}


Right… the interim between cup 1 and cup 2 is a cloudy time… lol


And for completeness:
use this to create automatically the necessary folder structure,
while also considering external subtitle files - including adding the language code to them.

D:/Shows/{n} ({y})/{episode.special ? 'Specials' : 'Season '+s.pad(2)}/{n} ({y}) - {episode.special ? 's00e'+special.pad(2) : s00e00} - {t.replaceAll(/[`´‘’ʻ]/, /'/).replaceAll(/[!?.]+$/).replacePart(', Part $1')}{'.'+lang}

D:\Shows\Firefly (2002)\Season 01\Firefly (2002) - S01E01 - Serenity.ext

Here is a more involved format string for movies:
This one adds the resolution and in rectangular brackets the video & audio codec + the audio channels.

It also creates a subfolder per movie (which is easily stripped if you just remove the first part of the format string, up to and including the first slash)

{n} ({y})/{n} ({y}) - {vf} [{vc}, {ac}-{channels}]{'.'+lang}

Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009) - 480p [x264, AC3-5.1].ext


Also - since Otto and I found out recently we can add (YEAR) to ALL TV Shows without fear (still waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one) I added ({y}) in just the right spot and that, as they say, is that:


@JuiceWSA said:
Also - since Otto and I found out recently we can add (YEAR) to ALL TV Shows without fear (still waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one) I added ({y}) in just the right spot …

Right you are, I added the ({y}) in my examples above as well


Bookmarked - for use later…

Here’s how I handle Movies - I sneak that Res into the brackets:
{n} ({y}) [{vf}]
Avatar (2009) [1080p]