NEWS: Playback Error 'an error occurred trying to play' any NEWS video



not happening on all Plex clients but is on an i7, 6g, 2.2ghrz laptop. How do I troubleshoot? Server is an i7, 8g, 256g SSD 2.8ghrz and streams fine to other plex clients. Thoughts? Which log holds NEWS errors on playing videos? Also, other videos Recorded Shows, personal videos, play fine.




Same here, news always gets “Playback error”.


Having the same issue - I’ve tried it a couple of times in the past week or so with PMP and it has never worked for me.It appears to work in the web client.


Same. I’ve tried it three or four times since they brought it on in Plex Media Player and it’s never worked for me. Works in the web app for me too.


@Plex_Help. is this a known issue with NEWS media and the Plex Media Player? seems like something really basic to get right before launch…


Of course we found out with the last version update to the media player, they don’t bother getting features working before they push them out to people who bought their product.

But yea, EVERY time i try to play a ‘news’ video it reports “An error occurred trying to play…” whatever it was. And nobody at plex seems to care. Well done.