Nvidia Shield TV audio-passthru audio-drop outs.



I am having an issue when using audio-passthru with Plex on Shield TV.

I keep getting periodic audio-drop outs. Audio goes silent for 1-2 sec then comes back on. Video keeps playing and as far as I can tell nothing is ever out-of-sync....when audio comes back on after a dropout everything is in sync.

This happens with all my .mkv files and is pretty random. Sometimes I can go entire first half of a movie without any dropouts then start getting them every few minutes.

My AVR does not show any indication of signal loss.

Both Plex app and Shield OS are latest versions.


Just built a new set up consisting of an nVidia Shield and my old Mac Mini running PMS. Audi passthrough enabled to a Denon AVR and also getting exact same symptoms as you mention. Audio drop outs, no video issues, and no signal drop on the amp. Running nVidia Shield 3.3 and latest Plex and PMS (Plexpass).


Same here, happens more with DTS-HD than True-HD


Newest beta has a updated version (well more recent) of ExoPlayer so best to wait for that and see how it is then. 1.5.12 not ExoPlayer 2 (yet).


Thanks. Is this the nVidia Shield firmware beta?


I’m having the exact same problem. I have 2 Nvidia Shield TVs, and it’s doing it on both of them.


I’m having the exact same problem… With Denon AVR too.


I know I had problems when I had my Denon connected to my network via ethernet. Took it out and most problems went away. I still get an occasional hiccup, but that even happens when watching a blu ray so it’s nothing to do with the Shield for me.


Yes, but for me it’s working perfectly with Kodi, no sound drop out. so nothing to do with the shield, but Plex hum…


Happens to mine too - MKV blu ray files with DTS-HD ma passthrough to Yamaha amp.

Is there ever going to be a version of Plex that just plays media properly?


Is there ever going to be a version of Plex that just plays media properly?

Ahah, I’m asking myself the same question !


agreed, same problem


@sixspeed said:
Thanks. Is this the nVidia Shield firmware beta?

No I meant plex beta.


Same problem with passthrough HD audio signal (ac3, DTS, atmos, ECT) on shield (2017 model) plex client. On latest software experience 5.1


Same issue for a couple of months. Also with a Denon 7200WA receiver. Video quality is better in Plex than Kodi or SPMC but these random audio drop outs are frustrating. Hopefully, Plex will resolve this soon.


I have experienced AV sync and dropout issues on the Shield with Plex, Kodi and SPMC when trying to use passthru.

However, after the recent OS upgrade for the Shield…only Plex is having problems…Latest RC of Kodi as well as SPMC do not seem to have issues any longer. Even the Plex Kodi plugin works fine so the issue is clearly with Plex client app.


Any news on that ? I am having drops with true HD or DTS MA every 10-20 minutes.
Setup : Android TV Plex client on Shield TV (v5.1)-> Onkyo AV TX-NR656-> Sony TV KDL 46NX700


I’m also experiencing this issue on my setup with Shield (2017) passing through DTS-HD MA, and TrueHD content. I get it quite often while watching HD Bluray content. I dont notice it as much when watching lower bitrate content. Im taking a while shot in the dark here, but it seems like a buffer underrun issue where the client isn’t buffering enough content to keep the audio pipeline full causing the AVR to drop audio before it can start decoding again.

My setup:
shield (2017) -> umc-200 -> Epson 5030ub


I have also no problem with lower bit rate content (Dolby digital or MP3 decoded as PCM stereo)


Same issue with nvidia shield and plex with DTS MA pass through to Marantz SR7010. The lack of plex support and (seemingly) interest in helping its customers is annoying. I just cancelled my Plex Pass. Not giving these people any more money.