odroid c2 - pink fuzz



Hi. I've just swapped out an rpi3 running rasplex for an odroid c2 running latest openpht.
It's a nice improvement on the whole, but I am getting a weird issue.

When I stop video playback, that moment between the video stopping and the GUI appearing is filled with a grey static screen or a pink static screen. Likewise when I fast forward video the screen starts to flash between normal video and pink/grey static.

I have the odroid plugging into hdmi on my onkyo tx sr505 and then the receiver goes to the arc hdmi on my Samsung led panel. Using hdmi CEC to control Plex with the Samsung remote.

No other devices exhibit this behaviour- PS3, steam link, rpi3.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


I’ve changed HDMI cables and it’s the same. I’ve plugged the odroid c2 directly into the tv and the problem goes away, so looks like it’s the Onkyo causing the issue. Will update this thread if I ever figure it out.