OpenPHT and collections ?



Hi everybody,
I'm trying to use OpenPHT (with Windows 7 x64), and so far I don't see how it can handle collections.
Plex Media Server can "collapse" collections (only one cover per collection). Can OpenPHT do the same ? This is really important for me, as I have many collections.
Thanks in advance !


The actual OpenPHT version 1.8 is more than a year old. Collections are rather new for plex. So a new version with that feature would be necessary but the project seemed to be discontinued. It’s a pitty, but the Changes in Kodi 17 are maybe to big to adapt them to a new OpenPHT V2 release for a few voluntary programmer in their free time. I will use OpenPHT as long as it functional, what it actual is, but that status can change with every PMS Server update.


We can only hope for a new OpenPHT release then :slight_smile:
BTW, I suppose there’s no other alternative to OpenPHT for Windows ?


You can try Plex Media Player or Kodi with the Plex for Kodi Plugin on Windows