openPHT "audio output device" keeps changing



hi all so with PHT everything worked great had no issues but recently with openPHT my "Audio Output Device" keeps changing to "HDMI - AMD HDMI Output" it need to stay as "WASAPI: HDMI - AMD HDMI Output"

anyone now why this is happening and how to stop it?


Are you connecting from a PC with multible audio sources? ie HDMI , stereo etc? It's possible maybe those are switching and causing openPHT to follow suit? I'm guessing you are connecting to a receiver?


connection is VIA HDMI to a Marantz receiver.

everything was worked fine with PHT in the past and with openPHT until this week for some reason.

this used to happen with kodi also connected via HDMI and Onkyo receiver, i just dealt with it but now just trying to fix it.


What OS...


windows 7 Pro x64


i believe it is dweissca answer that is the reason, windows looses the EDID with the amp, and things change setting wise in windows, its one of the reasons i always buy a hdmi detective or similar unit for htpcs running windows that are using amps.


dang that bites..

know of any settings i can change on either openPHT or the receiver to stop this?


none im aware of, if there was, i wouldnt need to buy those devices for windows htpcs when using them with amps.


so found out this happens only when you open Plex before your AVR, if the AVR is on before Plex launches it will be WASAPI: HDMI - AMD HDMI Output.


check if your receiver has a feature called something along the lines of standby passthrough

my new onkyo has this, fixes these kinds of issues.