OpenPHT uses ~30% CPU when idle



After I leave OpenPHT open for some time, the plexhometheater process' CPU usage jumps from 1-2% to ~30%.

I looked at ~/.plexht/temp/plexhometheater.log after enabling debug log output (pastebin output here), and saw that it was failing to connect to a friend's account.

I also felt that this line was telling:

WARNING: CPlexManualServerManager::OnJobComplete failed to find a server on

Has anyone else seen this issue or know how to remediate? Thank you!

Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
OpenPHT - installed deb


I get about 10% usage when idle; irrespective how long its been running for; I'm trying to figure out why - did you get anywhere? I'm running Ubuntu 14.04, OpenPHT 1.8


Unfortunately no, and since I posted this, I have updated my software. Currently:

  • Ubuntu 16.04.02 LTS
  • OpenPHT - installed deb
  • PMS

When nothing is happening, I see the plexhometheater process consuming 8% CPU consistently.


try playing with dirty regions in the OpenPHT settings (explanation what each setting means can be found in Kodi docs)