Photos sharing with granular permissions


Hello Plex Team,
I store my photos albums in a Plex photo library, using a tree folders like this:

I search how i can share the album London to one friends ? (without access to another album)
Have you planned to add the feature for share sub-folders to one friends ?
Else, you could add a feature to create and share sublibrary ?
It seems to me very useful to add the possibility to share an sub-library to friends ?

Thanks a lot for you're answer.


I second this. Sharing photos is currently almost useless since you have to share each photo individually! Mass labelling Photos and whole Photo Folders would be a simple solution to this - it works like this for all the other media types.


Any update on this :-o? This looks so obvious that one can't believe it's not there!.. It's a joke to share picture-by-picture an album folder with 237 pictures.. Thank you, Andrej


I have only just discovered that you can add "albums" under a photo library. I have each of my albums setup as an library all by itself. This now seems an untidy way of doing things when i can add them as albums under one single photo library but i guess i am glad to have done it this way since permissions appear only to be set at the library level when defining new users to my home server. Obviously the work around is manually setting permissions for those photos you dont want certain users to view but it sounds extremely painstaking so i will stick with photos in libraries until the permissions management has been addressed

Also.... some of my devices dont recognise albums, only libraries



I`m waiting also since a long time for an option like that. I postet a feature request several years ago in the international plex forum:
and also in the german section:
now I see the new album option and the explanations to it and really looking forward to create an album and share it. sadly there ist no option to share an album. Right now we have the possibillity to put a whole folder, a tagged collection, a localized collection and so on with one click to one album which is great. now we need an option to share photos on the album level to one person and all is fine. I belive this is just an feature which is not already rolled out,and we can lokking forward to get this really important feature soon? Or am I wrong with this expectation and the album option is just another sorting layer?

hope to get an answer since all my posts before to this topic sadly seems unheeded.

Places are a funny new option but since not every picture has an gps tag it is just a funny option.


I would also like to see this, I am moving everything from iCloud to my Plex library but this is a major flaw in the photos section as I don't want all my family and friends to have photos that have nothing to do with them :(


2 years and nothing...I would have gladly taken this feature over some of the other recently released features like VR and Podcasts (which has other limitation making it useless for me)