PHT gives error for Shared Library - all else works perfectly



Hi guys, i am getting the following error in PHT - when opening files in shared library -"Please Check that this file exists and necessary drive is mounted". The user who shared me the library has no issues in playing any files. I have TS-451 Pro (QNAP NAS). Moreover i have no issues playing the very same files in Server App or on the interface. Only issue is with the file on PHT (PHT- i use Plex Client in HD Station). Kodi similarly cant open these files (via Plex XMBC plugin)

Performed the following items:
Had the user remove and re-share the content
Manually upgraded the Qnap Server app to Version
Removed and Reinstalled Plex Client in the HD Station.
I downloaded the logs if if anyone can look through them (not sure what to do with them)

Originally posted under QNAP threat but saw similar inquiry go un-answered and was directed here w/ no solution - as such re-trying


You can upload them here and maybe someone can help you. What version of OpenPHT are you using and is this Shared Library a Plex Cloud by chance?


Hi, please see below - Error ,logs and version of PHT.

Not sure what is plex cloud. He basically shared his movies and tv categories with me.


your actually running plex home threatre, this is the OpenPHT forum,

its better to post here if you cannot get openpht on your qnap.


unf i was told PHT is not longer really supported moreover. i cant even pick PHT in the category to post the message


OpenPHT is the third party continuation of PHT, it’s in your best interest to update to that. It supports more PMS features than PHT (simply because it is still being worked on while PHT is not). Lots of bug fixes and improvements as well.


Thanks Magnum. Unfortunately i am at the mercy of Qnap Server software allowed to be used :(… dang. such a silly error… when all other options work :frowning:



Thanks a lot MagnumDoomguy! Downloaded, upgraded and now able to play shared files however, now it say "direct play not available " and says “transcoding” and ultimately starts playing. The issue now is that its tearing a bit on the screen. Better than not being able to play but just curious what could be the cause of that. ?

Also on Qremote how do i click and open OpenPHT - remote only sees old Plex Home Theater thats no longer there

Also Kodi still doesnt play it :(…



Be sure to have enough memory on your TS-x51 … the basic one is not enough …
When using network … increase the cache … F.Y.I. for Kodi 16/17 it’s also requested on this model
Qremote is QNAP proprietary … so
… I have integrate lircmap.xml file to be able to use it in kodi16 & Kodi17 port but I don’t do it for OpenPHT (I integrate them only on my free time) and don’t know if it’s possible
BUT lot of other solution can exist with more possible configuration … like droidmote for ex.

Please for specific QNAP’s problem … post on QNAP forum first … when it don’t seem that it’s due to the platform or integration … we redirect you here … where more real user and specialist can help you … better . (I am an integrator, but don’t use all the possibility … I also integrate PlexMediaPlayer … so it’s difficult on free time to be able to manage all questions … )



Thanks Phlippe ! slowly but surely i am finally getting somewhere! :slight_smile: appreciate the input.

I upgraded to 8gb of ram when i bought it - was told its going to be sufficient for transcoding even 2 streams @ 1080p.
As far as cache - do you mean via ssd
From my reading - sequential file processing (movies/streaming) would not benefit from this - ideas?

or do you mean on the actual kodi? (on kodi i dont get tearing… only on PHT itself)

Any idea why direct play is not working and requires transcoding? (ie fix above from PHT to OpenPHT but no idea why now all the sudden it requires transcoding ONLY for shared items from friends library in plex)

thanks again for all your help! - sorry for newbie lie questions


As Phillipe said, please take questions specifically about the QNAP version to the QNAP forums. If Phillipe believes the problem lies on OpenPHT’s end, he’ll direct you here.


Hi am sorry i have to restart this threat but i am going cookoo… so after a year of playing around it seems the issue is isolated to Direct Play/Transcoding - Plex Server - Version

Samsung TV - Requires manually specifying transcoding
QNAP - Open PHT - 1.8.0 - auto transcodes every time
Kodi 17.6 Plex Official Add on - doesnt work at all
Kodi 17.6 Plex XMBCC addon- doesnt work at all

Port forwarding is on - Remote Access is Green/accessible from

attaching log

Its very annoying cycling between kodi and openpht to watch shared content. Would really appreciate it to find out why in 2016 something changed and even TV running native plex needs transcoding (ie not Kodi/OpenPHT issue)…

Note on can see all shared content w no issues.

Any assistance would be appreciated


anyone guys?