Please add more Plex "Channels" in Oreo.



The Oreo update for the Shield TV has rolled out and Plex supports "channels" in the Android TV Home launcher. There are only 2 Plex "channels" at the moment:

  1. Recommendations
  2. My Newscast

I would really appreciate it if you could add more like:

  1. On Deck
  2. Recently added TV.
  3. Recently added Movies.


This is an absolute requirement.


Definitely - would be hugely useful!


“Start watching” would be cool


I’m pretty surprised there aren’t the standard channels like ‘on deck’ ‘recently added’
Surely they’re easy to add. The data is already used inside the plex app. Oreo channels is kinda useless if Plex doesn’t use it properly.


Agree, please put this in, would be hugely beneficial.


Would like to see the ability to create channels like Kodi can, including the ability to create one for live
TV (similar to Android’s Live Channels) by category.