Plex and HDHomerun connect



Wow, this is way harder than I thought it would be. I did days of research before starting, tablo had lots of negative marks o speed.

I installed a roof antenna, connected to my HDHomerun connect. Set up plex media server on my computer. (bought plex pass).
Download plex app on my roku and my firestick. Got recorded shows to come up there, whew.
I can watch live TV on my computer, which I don't want to do, using the HDHomerun app, but that is NOT available on firestick or Roku, even though it looked like it was.
Can't figure out how to get my live channels from the antenna to my streaming devices. I think Plex only does the DVR, can I add some add on? if so which one?
I would prefer to have my recordings and live TV in one place. Is there another way to do this?

I am about 10 minutes away from sending everything back and getting a Tivo, had one before, super easy. But this looks like I should be able to do this, I am reasonably good at technical stuff. But this is kicking my butt.

I also bought a my cloud NAS, can't figure that out for the life of me and am planning on just getting another HDD for my computer.

I am willing to chuck it all and start over, but this is an ever and quickly changing environment so I am trying to keep it less $$ for now thinking in a few years it will be changed again. Hence the advantage of buying my own stuff like HDD storage etc. I prefer not to do sling etc, that is just mini cable and monthly expense.


HDGrandSlam channel is what I'm currently using for live through Plex.


I use HDHRviewer channel for live Tv..... both are great options and work great both locally and remote.