Plex DVR On Right Now not showing all channels, Watch Now has missing ones but they're "Loading..."


I'm using a Hauppage WinTV-Quad on Plex Docker in Australia and occasionally (usually) there are one or 2 channels not displaying in the "On Right Now" section of the Program Guide. I've just discovered "Watch Now" under the Discover menu, and it shows all channels, but the missing channels from the On Right Now page are shown without any Show Name, just the text "Loading..." and it's not possible to click the item for more details (channel name, etc).
I'm assuming this is possibly a GraceNote lookup issue. Any ideas what I can do to resolve this? If it is related to GraceNote lookup, it'd be great if a bugfix could be implemented where the OTA EPG data is able to be shown in place of full GraceNote details...


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