Plex DVR to NAS fails to stop recording



I have:

  1. updated my Shield TV to the new Shield Experience 5.2
  2. disconnected and reconnected my NAS share per this recommendation
  3. created a new new folder on my NAS
  4. added a new Plex media source source set the new NAS folder named “Recorded TV”

Now recordings never end. e.g. -

Any ideas?


Screenshot does not seem to have worked, so trying again -


Having the exact same problem myself, hopefully someone can shine some light on this problem


having the same problem...only going back 10+ versions seems to solve it...and i don't want to have to do that every time, after i hope the next instance of plex may work for me.


I have this issue as well. But I save to a USB hard drive.


Same problem.


same problem


Having this problem on Debian with Hauppage PCIe Card as well. Saving on local disk.


Seems to be a core issue with Plex. I've read complaints about this that spans several server versions of Plex and many different storage devices, from PC servers, NAS devices, and removable storage devices. Hopefully they're aware of it and get it fixed soon.


Same with HDHomeRun (on newest firmware 20170930 and the previous one), and Server Version running on Synology. Restarting the Plex package correctly ends the recording and adds it to the library, but otherwise is just shows the percentage continuing well past 100%. In the tuners section it also shows that “2 tuners—3 recording now” which is obviously not possible. Looking at HDHR’s status, none of the tuners are in use after the proper end-time, but Plex doesn’t seem to know that its own activities have ended.


Same problem


I still have the same issue. The only resolution I’ve had any luck with was restarting the PLEX server, which won’t really work for back to back recordings…


I too am having this issue. Tops out at the nonsensical “2 tuners - 3 recording now” on my 2-tuner HdHomeRun Extend.Free


I too am having this issue


I am having this issue too. Newest Plex verison to date. Same for hdhomerun


I’m having this same issue.
Plex Version
HDHomeRun Prime
Mac Mini saving to a Thunderbolt 2 drive