Plex Extras Missing Artwork



I just installed a fresh PMS and when adding extras, none of the videos have images associated with them. On my old server, it would have an image screenshot of somewhere in the clip. Is there anyway to force this to refresh, or add my own custom images to them? I have already updated libraries and refreshed all from the movies library.


Freebase is being shut down. From what I've seen, extras and trailers are no longer available.


These are local trailers I have added. I am not a PlexPass member. I put these into the Local Media folders (ex /Movies/Name (Year)/Trailers/example.ext). This way we can add our own local behind the scenes and extras such as trailers. Before it would have an actual thumbnail (like yesterday before the server was rebuilt) and now it just shows the gray placeholder image.


Hi Soto928. Did you ever resolve this? Having the same issues with local media extra content.


Hey @soto928 and @onjisan -

Can you each post or DM me the XML information for a movie that isn't showing images for local extras? - look for XML Information on this page for further instructions.


Hi @maxflix,

Thanks for replying quickly. There doesn’t really appear to be a way to obtain the xml info for these extras specifically, but i’m attaching the xml for one of the movies itself.

Here’s an example for the issue I’m having which is similar to soto. (image attached)

I created a ‘Featurette’ folder within the Movie’s directory according to your local media assets page:

my path is following this example: Movie/MovieName (Release Date)/Extra_Directory_Type/

My actual path:
“Movies\The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (2012)\Featurettes\The Appendices Part 7 - A Long-Expected Journey The Chronicles of The Hobbit.mp4”

Its detecting them fine, but not generating any images. I’d be fine with it generating any image at all kind of like how home videos work.
I also tried to use my own image file in the Featurettes directory with the same name…jpg but it didnt work.

I have also tried putting the video itself back a drectory and appending -Extra_Type to it.
Movies\The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (2012)\The Appendices Part 7 - A Long-Expected Journey The Chronicles of The Hobbit-featurette.mp4
That was a no go as well.

I have also used other extra type categories such as behindthescenes to no avail.



Hi @maxflix,

Just curious if you had any findings on this. If you haven't had time, its fine.


Hey @onjisan -

I am being advised that you should try doing the 'Plex Dance' as it is called. Move the file (of the extra) out of your plex directory tree, do a scan of the library. Add the file back to the location you want it and then scan again. There may have just been an error generating the extra thumb the first time.

if the thumb doesn't get an extra after the dance - post your logs please, because hopefully those will help figure out why the thumb isn't generating.

Also, what platform is your server running on?


I believe my problem was related to UNC naming rather than mapping a drive. When I had Plex scan \server\share I had the grey boxes. After mappin the share to a drive letter and rescanning (N:\Plex\etc) I was able to lead the thumbnails for the additional content.


Hello. Its over a year later and I wanted to post an update to this. I recently found out how to get the artwork to show, and its dumb but it works.
You just have to PLAY the extras. Yes that's it. You don't even have to watch the whole thing. Just click play, then you can close immediately out, and the artwork will show.