Plex for Apple TV



Version 1.15 is now available

- Added Lifetime Subscription in-app purchase.

- The timeline view was not showing up in photo libraries when opened from the sidebar.
- The info panel for Live TV can now be dismissed by swiping up.


Version 1.16 is now available

- Fixed issue in recently added shows with text sometimes being hidden behind surrounding cells.
- Fixed issue with Live TV not tuning when multiple airings were present.
- Under some circumstances, "More..." wouldn't show up in photo libraries.


Version 1.17 is now available

- Added a setting for opting out of crash reports.


Version 1.17.1 is now available

- Improve behavior of the app when there are no servers available.


Version 1.18 is now available

- Added support for 4K video playback on the Apple TV 4K.
- Added support for direct playback of FLAC music on tvOS 11.

- Fixed issues with Home Video libraries, preventing resuming playback and accessing the context menu.
- In rare cases News might not have started playing back automatically.
- When browsing a library the context menu will open for the correct item.
- The play & shuffle buttons on the "By Album" music screen now work correctly.
- Fixed an issue with News settings causing the setting value to be displayed incorrectly.
- Fixed an issue causing a crash when opening items that are still loading in grid views.
- Added Direct Play toggle back to advanced settings.


Version 1.18.1 is now available

- Privacy preferences moved to


Version 1.19 is now available

- Add direct play support for HEVC video codec.

- Plex Pass upgrade screen would result in endless spinner if purchase was cancelled.
- Added Direct Play toggle back to advanced settings.
- Fixed issue where user could interact with content behind loading screen.
- Fixed an issue that caused setting labels to be incorrectly truncated.
- Fixed an issue causing the edge of lyrics to be cut off.
- Increased the number of items included in the newscast and categories feed.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the play / pause button to become unresponsive.
- Prevent text in the audio player from getting cut off.
- Playlists might not have displayed with older versions of Plex Media Server.
- Fixed a rare crash when reloading the photo timeline.
- Improved title when browsing search results by tag.
- Allow direct play and direct stream on supported Live TV streams.


Version 1.20 is now available

- Increased recommended quality for home streaming to Maximum.
- Added links to view the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service from Settings.
- It is now possible to change quality on live streams.

- Fixed an issue where pressing menu after logging in for the first time would immediately log you out.
- Fixed an issue causing blank titles for certain items in some channels.


Version 1.20.1 is now available.

- Fixed an issue preventing artist preplays from loading.


Version 1.21 is now available.

- When there were no playlists on the server, we previously showed a blank screen, now we show a pretty error message.
- App would crash if there was no valid rating image in media detail screen.
- The wrong video could play after an ad in News.


Version 1.22 is now available.

- (Apple TV 4K) Improve HDR support when connected to HDR display. (Requires Plex Media Server 1.11.0)
- Remote play button correctly starts playback from TV show screens.
- Managed users of Plex Pass users can access the photo timeline.


Version 1.23 is now available.


  • Fixed an issue causing the “No available content” message to stick around even when there was content.
  • Fixed an issue where the first photo viewed would be shown off-center.
  • Some subtitles wouldn’t work.


Version 1.24 is now available.


  • DVR support.
  • Support for closed captions in Live TV playback.


  • Corrected hub spacing for Other Videos library types.
  • External subtitles are now tagged correctly.
  • Sometimes Related Photos didn’t show.
  • Some description texts in settings would get cut off.
  • Frame rate & dynamic range switching now remain active on the postplay screen.
  • The app was responding incorrectly to certain remote control requests.


Version 1.24.1 is now available


  • Fixed crash in Program Guide under some languages.


Version 1.25 is now available


  • Conflict dialog could block user interaction when scheduling a new recording.
  • Sometimes the country code was shown as part of the rating in the player info.
  • Fixed issues that could cause focus to jump unexpectedly when going back a screen.
  • Fixed issues causing focus to jump to the wrong item when moving up or down the program guide.
  • Added ability to download application logs over the network, when enabled in settings.
  • Text in Top Shelf was not correctly localized.
  • Search settings would conflict with on-screen keyboard when using 3rd party remotes.


Note: In an upcoming release, the minimum supported version of Plex Media Server will be increased to 1.3.0. Please upgrade your servers.

iPhone won't play Plex video

Version 1.26 is now available


  • When tuning Live TV in to an in-progress recording, allow time shifting back to the beginning of the recording.


  • Live TV airing info would not update after current show ends.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent HDR content from playing correctly with content matching enabled.


Version 1.27 is now available


  • Updated minimum server version to 1.3.


  • Improved readability of timed lyrics.
  • Sorting icon in recording priority would look stretched with long titles.
  • Live TV session would jump to beginning when switching qualities

iPhone won't play Plex video

Version 1.28 is now available


  • Renamed “Channels” feature to “Plugins”


Version 1.29 is now available


  • Grid view guide for browsing DVR channels.
  • Support changing audio streams on Live TV, when available.


  • Couldn’t modify recording policy for a TV Show where no episodes were scheduled for recording at the moment.
  • Fixed an issue preventing deleting items with an apostrophe in the title.
  • Fixed issue where some users with autologin would be set to the wrong server on startup.
  • Fixed playback of News from channels.
  • Trying to record all events for a sports team would result in an erroneous screen.
  • Hide incorrect error message when switching Live TV channels.

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