Plex Media Player


#1 was the initial release.


Version was just uploaded to PlexPass preview users. In this release we focused mostly on the most annoying crashes and bugs that we could close in a quick fashion, some smaller features, but nothing earth shattering. I also want to make sure to thank Chris Lee and Cory Parsons that quickly contributed some really nice changes to PMP.

Installing: For OSX and Embedded users ~~you just need to change the update channel (under Settings->Main) to PlexPass and you should see the update start downloading in the background (restart/relaunch will trigger the update process), there is no UI indication of an update being downloaded or any button to manually search for updates yet.~~ Turns out that there is a bug here that you can't select the channel. We will investigate, but upgrade manually for now. This is why it's a preview release! :)

On Windows there was a bug in the auto-updater so you will need to follow these steps to upgrade:

  • Exit Plex Media Player
  • Kill the process called PMPhelper in the task manager
  • Uninstall the old version of PMP
  • Install new version of PMP

Going forward the auto-updater should work even on windows.


  • New setting to completely disable mouse input
  • PageUp / PageDown is now bound to actions that let you advance to the next epsiode in the pre-play screen
  • Linux build instructions thanks to Chris Lee
  • New Library icons and style
  • Xbox Controller support on Windows thanks to Cory Parsons
  • InputSDL (controllers) now react on button down instead of button up, which makes them more responsive thanks to Cory Parsons


  • Windows binary rename to x86_64 to reflect reality
  • Windows installer now installs to C:\Program Files by default
  • Windows installer will warn when trying to install on Windows versions older than windows 7.
  • Debug overlay now have safe overscan margins
  • Failed to start web server is no longer treated as a fatal error
  • Remove misleading channel count from passthrough audio on debug overlay
  • Fix freeze with optical audio out
  • Disable hardware decoding by default (creates problems on some GPUs)
  • Use exclusive audio setting on OSX by default (related to the USB audio problem, if you want multichannel PCM on any device on OSX, you need to reset settings or enable exclusive mode under advanced).
  • Experimental better alt+tab handling on windows.
  • Fixed issue where the remote controllers might not find PMP
  • Fixed issue with playback on some channels
  • Raspberry fixes for 10bit and high h264 level video content


Version ( Embedded) was just uploaded for PlexPass preview. This time we focused on getting support fixed for highres setups and dual gpu platforms. We also went for crushing bugs for multiple CEC and audio issues. And we finally added manual server support in settings Also please note we had to disable audo refresh switching on the RPI for now, as we hit a bug we didn't manage to crush before the release of 1.0.2.


  • Allow window sizes smaller than 720p
  • Audio drop/duplicate display sync mode.
  • Support for manual IP addresses of Plex Media Servers
  • Adding setting to disable minimize-on-defocus on Windows.
  • Added additions to keyboard mapping to better suite MCE remotes.
  • Updated web-client to version 2.4.36
  • Windows installer is now 64-bit
  • Embedded image support for Legacy NVIDIA systems


  • Fix redrawing errors on high resolution displays
  • Fix crash in DisplayManager when connected to multiple displays on multiple GPUs
  • Fix 7.1 audio output on Linux
  • Windows installer should now work even if you have OpenSSL installed on your system
  • Refresh rate switching fixes on Windows
  • Wrap long lines on the left part of the debug overlay.
  • Fix infinite loop in InputSDL [Cory Parsons]
  • Properly remove AC3 transcoding filter when it is to be disabled.
  • Improve InputCEC to not block the main thread.
  • Make CEC handle properly longpress
  • Improve CEC ability to recover to connection loss.


  • Refresh rate auto switching is disabled on the RPI for now due to reliability problems


Version 1.0.3 of Plex Media Player was just uploaded and released. This is the last release of the year and it contains some nice fixes. Please read the known issues below before updating.


  • Updated Qt to version 5.6.0 beta. This replaces the Alpha version we had before. Many stability and preformance improvements.
  • Windows - Added setting to disable native OpenGL. If you are having display problems or crashes on windows, please try our DirectX mode.
  • Added a lot of information to the debug overlay vsync-ratio, audio passthrough, OpenGL version, display status etc.
  • List IPv6 host addresses on debug overlay.
  • Windows - PMP doesn't minimize when it loses focus anymore. We have reverted back to the old behaviour, that means that if you are in native OpenGL mode you can't alt-tab out of the window. We are going to try to improve this in the future.
  • Added support for host command script that can execute a script. Put a script in the scripts datadir and call host script from the inputmap.
  • Updated seek and step keyboard mapping.
  • Added a command to switch display modes.
  • Added host commands for suspend, reboot and power off.
  • Added setting to disable logging.


  • DisplayManager don't consider 24 and 25 FPS "close"
  • DisplayManager better logging and many small fixes on Windows.
  • Make sure that directory LaunchAgents is created before writing to it. Prevents stutters on certain OSX setups.
  • Exit Helper after 3 minutes if nothing has reconnected.
  • Move local sockets to default path. This fixes a startup error on OSX.
  • Remove escaped access tokens from logs too.
  • Always enable AC3 transcoding if AC3 and stereo channels are selected.
  • Crash fixes


  • CEC on OSX is reported to be broken since the libCEC upgrade
  • Xbox controller on windows is reported to be broken since libSDL upgrade
  • Refresh Rate Switching on Windows is still not very reliable.


Plex Media Player 1.0.4 is now out to plexpass testers. Go give it a spin. If you are a windows user make sure you go to and download it from there since auto-update is not working for this version on Windows.


  • Updated web client to 2.5.3
  • Request Multimedia Class Schedule Service on Windows
  • Windows installer now calls the vcredist installer automatically. For 1.0.4 this means that you need to re-run the installer and can not auto-update on windows.
  • Windows version is now built with Visual Studio 2015
  • We now default to DirectX/ANGLE on Windows, this will hopefully reduce the number of issues we see with bad / buggy OpenGL drivers.


  • mpv's internal OSD is now switched off, we are replacing this with something native to PMP in an upcoming version.
  • Fixed refresh rate switching on RPI2
  • Correctly signal NTSC (23.976hz) refresh rates on RPI2
  • Fixed refresh rate switching bugs on Windows (Thanks niko34!)
  • Stability fixes to refresh rate switching on OSX
  • Always force transcoding if "Optical" device type is selected
  • Fix the host:switch command
  • Don't switch refresh rate when seeking in transcoding video
  • Fix inputs via SDL on OSX
  • Fix 7.1 audio setups on OSX%


Plex Media Player 1.0.5 was just released. It contains a lot of bug fixes detailed below. Unfortunately we had to change stuff around in the installer and auto-update framework which means that you need to update manually to this new release on Windows and OS X (Embedded should be offered via auto-update still). You can find the download here:

~~When I write this the Embedded version is not yet ready. We are doing final checks there and it should be up in a short while. I will update this post when it's done.~~

EDIT: Embedded builds now up!

- Updated web-client to 2.5.5. See for details
- Volume control: +/- is now mapped to volume control. Change your mapping to do increase/decrease_volume
- New Windows installer. We struggled to get the old installer to work fine with auto-updates. We have now switched to a new framework for generating the installer and it should work much better with auto-updates. You will need to manually uninstall your previous version and then install the new release to get auto-updates in the future.

- Filter out the use of Num+ in the keymaps.
- Remove old update packages lying around on disk
- Fix crash if we could not initialize Direct3D
- Playback fixes on RPI2
- The 7.1 audio OS X fixes described in 1.0.4 weren't actually shipped. Now they are.
- Workaround for a crash related to hardware acceleration on OS X.
- Much improved transcoding decisions on RPI2.


Plex Media Player 1.0.6 was just released.

You can download it here:

- Search! There is now global search in PMP. It's early days and doesn't work well with keyboards yet.
- Manual check for new version in Main settings (no need to restart to check for new version).
- Embedded version now based on OpenELEC 6.0.3 which supports newer NUC's and the Raspberry PI3

- The "three dots" indicating buffering could stick around for a very long time. We fixed that.
- MPEG-2 video direct playback is now working correctly
- Switching servers from the dashboard is no longer slow
- A variety of smaller fixes in the web-client
- PMP will now open on the same physcial screen it was on last
- Various resizing issues has been fixed where PMP could be stuck at very small size%


Plex Media Player 1.1.0 was just released.

You can download it here:

- Search window now handle keyboard input
- Emulated Roku 3 HTTP Input
- All inputs now handle accelerated auto-repeat
- Support for Plex Home Theater harmony mode
- Clock in both navigation and Player UI
- Cycle zoom options with the Z key
- Support for Power actions on OSX and Windows
- Support for hiding power options by editing the configuration file
- Some keymappings changed, fullscreen is now Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F since we
mapped Cmd/Ctrl+F to search
- Toggle for hardware acceleration mode on OS X. If you have older mac mini
hardware you need to select that in the hardware acceleration settings. In
addition the hardware acceleration setting was reset for platforms, so you
will need to re-enable it.
- [Source] PMP now requires a C++14 compatible compiler to build

- Fixed a issue where the video rendering could be held up by activity on the
main thread. Should remove some of the stuttering under certain cirumstances
- Re-center the UI in the window on non 16:9 aspects
- Fixed an issue where the playback could start paused


Plex Media Player 1.1.1 was just released. This is a hotfix for the CEC input problems that some people reported.

- Fixed CEC input regression


Plex Media Player 1.1.2 was just released. This is a minor update for OSX and Windows with many fixes. For the embedded distribution a lot changed and there are a couple of regressions, if you see strange stuff please post to the PMP preview forum and we will make sure to work on that for the next release.

Because the Embedded distribution went through big changes you will have to manually update by writing a new image to your SD card or USB to properly use all the new functions. See full release notes for more info.

* (Embedded) The embedded distribution is now based on LibreELEC instead of OpenELEC. Embedded users will have to do a clean install because of this change. AutoUpdate is disabled.
* (Embedded) Moved to a EFI bootloader - Some BIOS's may need enabling of EFI to find the install media
* (Embedded) Skylake support
* (Embedded) NVIDIA legacy build is deprecated and incorporated into the Generic build
* Improved hardware decoding on Windows and x86 Embedded.
* Qt bumped to version 5.6.1
* There has been some changes how PMP is built on Windows and OSX. We no longer bundle ffmpeg and mpv with the build system and you need to download and install them yourself. This only applies to people that build PMP by themselves.

* There was an issue where the web-client and the playback engine could get out of state and cause screensaver to show up during movies or not let you press play/pause. This is now fixed.
* Non US locales could create problems with playback on Linux
* CEC keyhandling is now back to the default (no auto-repeat) beacuse of many incompatibilities. If you have a CEC device that gives you press and release events you can enable autorepeat by editing the configuration file.
* PMP should now install correctly on Windows 10N
* PMP can now be built with Qt 5.7
* PMP should no longer prevent sleeping on OSX / Windows
* Screensaver should be smooth again


Plex Media Player 1.1.3 has been released. This is a minor bug fix release.

Release notes:

* Qt bumped to version 5.7.0
* Minor graphics performance improvements on Windows.
* (Embedded) core OS upgraded to LE 7.0.2.
* Change how web-client is bundled.

* Fix playback failures with 7.1 AAC audio tracks on Windows.
* (Embedded) fix installation on nVidia legacy hardware. Affected users should do a clean reinstall.
* (Embedded) screen saver was broken after first playback

Downloads are available on


Plex Media Player 1.1.4 has been released. This is a minor bug fix release.

* changing aspect ratio during playback could halt playback
* fix volume up with "+" on some keyboards (fix as suggested by wayned42 on the forums)
* playback sometimes did not end (for example playing mp3 music on OSX)
* issues with msmpeg and wmv1 codecs on some platforms
* (OSX) Restore app icon


Plex Media Player 1.1.5 has been released to Plex Pass users. This is a minor feature and bug fix release:

~~We have temporarly disabled auto-updates for embedded (pi and x86) while we figure out why some installs crash on video playback. Mac and Windows continue to work~~

INSTALL 1.1.6 instead!

* Updated web-client to 2.10.0 which includes fixes for Streaming Brain
* Updated LibreELEC to version 7.90.006
* Added always on top setting (thanks to Lukas Pitschl)
* Enabled power options on Embedded x86 (thanks to Jonathan Leroy)
* PMP now selects multi-channel audio over stereo if your system is configured for more channels than 2 in settings.
* Add audio_delay.25hz setting for tweaking audio delay for 25hz mode
* Add new mode to force 16:9 aspect ratio for 4:3 video
* Audio now does not always force upmixing, e.g. playing stereo even if 7.1 is configured. To enable this you need to go and reselect the number of channels in audio configuration.

* (Embedded) Linux kernel updated to 4.7.5 for RPi and x86_64
* (Embedded) Samba fixes
* (Embedded) NVIDIA driver update (legacy to 340.98 and regular to 367.44)
* (Embedded) Update to audio drivers
* Fixed respawning helper process
* Fixed a bug where going into fullscreen could end up in a bad loop
* Subtitle selection for vobsubs should now work
* Crash fixes


Plex Media Player 1.1.6 was just released to Plex Pass users. This is a hotfix release that fixes two high priority bugs in 1.1.5:

* (Embedded) Fix video playback crashing on Raspberry PI
* Fix that PMP did not remember the fullscreen state on Windows


Plex Media Player 1.1.7 was just released to Plex Pass users. This contains fixes and some minor feature additions:

* Some audio setting defaults were changed for OSX. Exclusive audio mode is disabled by default, and the "Channels" option is now set to "auto" by default. This does not affect existing installations, unless you delete or reset your PMP config file.
* Removed the "Advanced" checkbox in the audio settings. PMP now behaves the same as if "Advanced" was always enabled in previous versions.
* Added a new "copy-back" hardware decoding setting. Useful only in specific situations.

* Fix screensaver behavior. In particular, the screensaver should now also start before any videos were played.
* (Embedded) Fix performance regression on RPI
* Subtitle selection for vobsubs with multiple stream should now finally work
* Fix rate display mode auto switching with imprecise media FPS values values like 24.999 (and the same for imprecise display refresh rates)
* Fix subtitle/audio stream selection failure under certain circumstances. Requires at least server version 1.2.1.
* Fixed remote control compatibility with latest version of Plex for iOS
* Progress when playing back mp3's didn't always update
* (Embedded) Remove the version string in the top left corner


Plex Media Player 1.2.0 is now available for ALL users.

* Add a desktop UI mode.

* Fix mp2-in-mkv decoding on Windows
* Fix enabling audio passthrough on new installations
* Fix music playback failures in some corner cases
* Allow automatic GPU switching on OSX

~~Note: The new release for embedded systems (such as Raspberry Pi 2+ and generic 64-bit x86) isn't ready quite yet and will be available for download soon.~~

Update: Embedded is now also available for download


Plex Media Player 1.2.1 is now available for all users

* Desktop web-client updated to 2.12.5
* TV web-client updated to 2.10.8-9a2e1fb
* Multimedia keys (play, next, prev) now work in desktop mode
* Changes to mode switching. There is now a new setting called "layout" which can be set to "tv" or "auto". Auto will behave as 1.2.0 and switch to TV mode when in fullscreen. Set this to TV to "lock" the tv layout and not automatically switch to desktop mode. This can also be set by adding --tv to the command line.
* Added new command line switch to control the scale factor of the UI --scale-factor=X
* New subtitle color added
* Automatic subtitle encoding detection on MacOS and Linux

* (Desktop) Prevent screensaver during video/photo playback
* (Desktop) Respect video quality setting
* Support for HiDPI mode on Linux and Windows. Note that windows currently only work on integer values. I.e. 1/2/3 not 1.25 or 1.5. If you want something more granular use the --scale-factor=1.25 command line switch.
* Various playback related fixes


Plex Media Player 1.2.2 is now available for all users.

* Desktop web-client updated to 2.12.6
* TV web-client updated to 2.10.8-fd540f9

* (Desktop) Fixed the player fullscreen button in Windows
* (Desktop/TV) Added better companion support for certain devices
* Fixed respect automatically update setting


Plex Media Player 1.2.3 is now available for all users.

* Desktop web-client updated to 3.0.1
* TV web-client updated to 2.13.1
* Add an experimental setting to force what screen PMP should be shown on in fullscreen
* Add experimental refreshrate.avoid_25hz_30hz and audio_delay.50hz hidden settings
* (Desktop) Media key support

* (Desktop) Mark as watched/unwatched on recently played items
* (Desktop) Added exit fullscreen button for Windows users
* (Desktop) Fixed translations
* (OSX) Improvements to cursor hiding
* (OSX) Fix display mode switching and display mode determination not working (by FrostedMint)
* (Windows) Disable HIDPI scaling to avoid certain problems
* Fixes to autorepeat handling (includes fixing accidental pausing when starting playback)


Plex Media Player 1.2.4 is now available for Plex Pass users.

* Updated dependencies

* HLS issue
* Fullscreen in OpenGL mode on Windows 7