Plex Music Equalizer?



I use plex to stream all my songs I've ripped over the years; however volume levels of some my songs are all over the place. Could someone with the knowledge please add an equalizer to the plex web or possibly to the server to do all the heavy lifting.

A equalizer which offers features such as normalization, cross-fade, and gapless playback (for mixtape tracks). Plex music would be even more awesome.


I don't believe there is any planned support for automatic cross-fading, but volume normalization and gapless playback are both under consideration as we work to improve the Plex music experience.


how about a graphic equalizer that was brought up in the forum 6 years ago


Who should we speak to about adding Volume Normalization and a Graphic Equalizer to Plex? The absence of an equalizer forces me to keep using iTunes for playing music at home.


If you're on OS X or Windows you can use Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil (Free to Download/Try, $29 to own) to get an equalizer.


I think the op is asking for a solution that works across the board for all clients.


Very true. My Plex Server is a beast and I would love a server update that could provide back-end equalizer services al-la transcoding. Potentially cross-fading to the next cued track, volume normalization, gapless playback, and Hz level adjusting may be possible.

I listen to my music via plex web all day long so these features would be an amazing benefit. Not to mention for the apps.


I’d love a graphic equalizer in the web page music player. Conversion from flac to aac seems to sound slightly muffled and could really be improved by lowering the mid-range slightly, alas no graphic graphic equalizer, so cant fix it.


While PlexAmp was in heavy development I (and others) asked Elan specifically about this and was told there is no intention of adding an EQ as that should be part of your hardware and not the software (or something like that).

If there isn’t any interest in adding an EQ to a dedicated music app then I doubt we’ll ever see it in the web or other client.

Ripped music (in general) is far worse then playing CDs, albums, cassettes or even 8-track (gasp) if you ask me. When people rip music they use a lot of different software and end up with different ranges of volume. By this I mean when CDs are mastered you can usually pick 12 CDs from your library and get pretty consistent output levels if they were mastered correctly. Once end users start mucking with them and use tons of consumer tools on them the output can be all over the board making the use of EQ that much harder.

Once of the reasons I’ve never been a fan of Plex music in general is the lack of dynamic normalizing that helps to fix much of this. The music really needs to be normalized before worrying about an EQ.

With that said I’d love to see EQ profiles and not just one setting. I might be using a set of ear buds that need one setting, an expensive set of headphones with another setting and maybe BT to the car or home system that each could use it’s own setting. Put another way the ability to setup an EQ profile for the output device being used at that moment in time!

There are a bunch of freeware/open source EQ programs/libraries on the net that might be able to be leverages so hopefully someday we might see something like this added.


+1 to a request for Music EQ via Plex, preferably via Client apps (Android for me) but I’d take Server-side control if that’s all I could get…