plex Music media library not updating after mp3 tags changed





I'm new to Plex and I have a question.  I have a recent install on FreeNAS.  The Music library is set up and scanned.  95% of my library has sane mp3 tags and matches nicely to the data from  I'm working my way through the Music library cleaning up the last 5% that either don't have tags or don't match cleanly to what has on record.  


My issue is that if I correct an album and do a refresh on the album, Plex doesn't register the change in tags.  If I give up totally and delete the Library and re-add it, I'll usually get that album corrected.  That won't scale well though.


Am I doing something wrong here?



Build FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201505130355

Platform Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2750 @ 2.40GHz

Memory 32715MB

System Time Thu May 28 13:02:33 EDT 2015

Uptime 1:02PM up 4 days, 2:01, 0 users

Load Average 0.15, 0.16, 0.07


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I've run into this issue as well with my audiobook library.

Have deleted the year tags. After (even forced) refreshes the value still is in place!


Same problem here. The tags are fine, because if I delete the library and recreate it, it uses the updated tags correctly.

Please fix the code.


Same, found this after adding my podcast library. Can't even manage 1 track number change from my end.


I'm seeing the same behavior on on Linux. I did find a work around though. If you go to Settings > Server > Library, on that page, check 'Allow media deletion' and save the changes. Then if you have an album that's changed and you need it picked up, copy the music folder elsewhere, click the '...' for the album and select Delete, then copy the music folder back and refresh the library. That sure beats having to delete/add the whole library again.


I have the same problem with on Windows 10 x64. Very frustrating. I am not entirely sure if it worked properly (updated automatically when tags changed) with older versions or not.


I'm STILL having this problem? Is there a known fix for this yet? Are the developers addressing the problem?


Same here. Whenever I change an MP3 and do a refresh in Plex, it doesn’t update. Plex please fix!!!


Still an issue after refreshing, updating, etc. Not picking up the updated tags.


The tags are not re-read into Plex. Here is what I do to minimize the work:

  1. New music is added to my iTunes library. I then edit the metadata in iTunes to ensure all of the tags are correct, including embedding the album cover.
  2. Update the Plex library to add the the new music in Plex.

If I find messed up metadata in Plex, I either update Plex only, or update iTunes and then do the “Plex Dance”, best described here:


I’m absolutely amazed that with all the music updates and photo updates and flashy features, that THIS basic issue is still a problem.

Encountering it myself on Linux version, in a basic music library, with “Use embedded tags” checked and “Personal Media Artists” agent. Library is for Podcast files. Using the Plex interface to fix metadata for one or two files is acceptable, but sometimes one needs to mass-fix a ton of files and that’s much easier to do with tagging tools. Cannot fathom why a rescan of files doesn’t pick up metadata changes in the files after all this time.


I just updated to 3.4235 - but I do not expect it is fixed.


There is a way around this everyone. Just change any tag field in the music file using a tag program (thus changing the data), and then rename all the tracks somehow (Perhaps changing “01 - Trackname.mp3” to “1-01 Artist - Trackname.mp3” for multidisc releases, or even just to “01 Trackname.mp3”. This can be done with a tag renamer such as TagScanner), and THEN update the library files in Plex. As long as the data and filename changed since last seen in the library, Plex will re-obtain the tag data from the files.


I am having same issue, this is open since 2015 still not fixed, it is pain to delete whole music library and add it again, please please fix this issue.
Add music to Plex Music library.
Update Metadata.
Refresh metadata in Plex web.
Metadata of that song is not updated in Plex Music.
Metadata is updated if I delete songs & then add them again.


Same issue here. The workaround of moving a folder out of reach and back again is the best for now, but it’s not a decent solution for a premium media system. Plex should scan the file (including tags) for changes, not only the file name.

Renaming the file altogether violates even the Plex naming convention so I don’t see that as an option. (Although I appreciate the helpful suggestion to a work-around!)

Plex developers, please fix this now after years of headache for us users!!!

/Plex Pass user


Same issue here when will this be fixed?


Blown away that this is an issue…Come on Plex, please fix this most basic issue.


There should be an option to “Update Tags” or something like that




+1 Same problem. Would love to see a fix.