Plex Sync for Xbox One



I cant seem to see how to sync content to my xbox my internet connection is not the most stable in the world since im using powerline for my server so id like to download some movies on my xbox.


Unfortunately Plex sync isn't available on the Xbox One. It would be nice to have though. An alternative might be to copy shows to a USB drive and watch them with the VLC player. Not all that elegant, but should work.


lol ok damn it was one of the reason i got an xbox one


is it the same on ps4? cause im looknig for a machine on blueray player i can plug in download my plex stuff and watch it offline but also play blurays


I believe so. In fact, I'm not aware of any Plex "TV" app that can sync. I'd expect Android TV to be able to, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't have it either as I've seen other threads requesting the feature. Too bad really as it would definitely help performance and provide a good back up when internet is down.


@theliltank4901 said:
lol ok damn it was one of the reason i got an xbox one

2 things if any console would add this feature xbox is more likely to. But i can't say if they ever will but plex is always trying to add as many features as it can to as many devices as it can.

Second keep in mind the updated 4k xbox one comes out in less than 90 days.