Plex Web App don´t work with iOS Chrome Browser




in moment it is not possible to use the "Plex Web App" with the iOS current Chrome Browser. With Safari it works...

Issue: When i login into and klick to "Launch" the Plex Web App Ask me witch user i wood like to use (i have 2 Home Users). I select my user an enter the code... now nothing happens... just loading. Waiting don´t helps.

Test it with 4 iOS Devices all with iOS 10.3.3

What i do is to restart my iOS Device, delete Chrome and reinstall. Nothing help´s

What can i do?



Same issue experienced. Seems only to be iOS, tried Chrome on an android device, no issues.


I had this same issue. It seems they have made a mobile site that doesn't work. I was able to get it to work by requesting the desktop site.


Same issue for me. Has anyone found a solution?


Same issue with me too. Launch plex from synology nas, with either chrome or safari, and screen stays black. If I request desktop site, it'll bring it up, but will not play. Just sits there with the spinning circle. Anybody have a resolution to this?


as known no reaction from Plex


Since the start of this thread there have been both Plex IOS updates and Chrome updates but the problem still remains.

Come on Plex Team sort this one out please.


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. While the web app is primarily designed for desktop use, it should work in this environment. I've raised an issue to look into this internally. Thanks!


little Update with Chrome... After Select User and enter the Code the page jumps back to Select user...


Same issue here running Chrome 63.0.3239.73 on iOS 11.2. Any chance of a fix anytime soon?

It happens when using and Logging in on the local LAN so I don’t have to enter a code. I select a user, the page attempts to load the interface but seems to fail and falls back to the user select screen.


Jan 18 still same issue


I’ d like to add my $0.02 to this as well. Safari works and chrome doesn’ t.


I was just getting a blank screen when launching the web app in iOS Chrome. Hitting “Request Desktop Site” did the trick.


The suggestion given by @adamfrank321 works for me as well on iPad chrome v65.0.3325.152


Still broken, can’t login it just a blank screen, when visiting the mobile site but if you click the 3 dots menu and select “Request Desktop Site” things mainly work ok.

Clicking on things can be quite frustrating as they often dont do anything, reclicking usually fixes.

Thinks like the Sync items don’t work properly due the requirement for hover over to bring up the additional menu items on each tile but the edit pencil on the top can be used to workaround that particular one thankfully.


+1 to this.

The main issue is that there is no other way to manipulate server settings and library management other than through the web app. With no laptop/desktop, i have to do this all through a mobile browser.

Chrome is my default browser, having to use Safari or always select “desktop site” seems like a poor workaround. Where are we with a fix?