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Welcome to the forums for our new–and hopefully awesome–web client! I figured I’d start things off here by reiterating that the web client is a work in progress and listing a few known issues. A lot of software engineers will tell you that a project is never really done (ever notice that Plex Media Server is still version 0.9?). That’s probably true, but it’s not even what we mean when we say that the web client isn’t done yet.

[list][]We’re going to try to support a bunch of browsers, but right now we’re prioritizing features over perfecting browser support. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari deliver the best experience right now. And regardless of which browser you’re using, you’re always best off using the latest version.[]Channel support is still a bit rough. Some channels work well, some have problems. We’re working on it. In particular, you will have trouble with the iPhoto and iTunes channels.[*]Player issues. The player isn’t perfect yet. If you want the best player experience, I’d recommend using Safari for now.[/list]

Get Started

The web client is packaged with the Plex Media Server, so a separate download is not needed. Plex Media Server will also apply updates to the web client bundle automatically as they are detected. First, you can try accessing the application by going to If you are experiencing issues, you can access the application locally at http://ip.address.of.server:32400/web. There is also a shortcut titled “Plex Web Client (NEW!)” on the server page in myPlex for those trying to access the web client remotely.

Your feedback is most appreciated, and we’ll be making changes and releasing updates often. Enjoy!


I've intended to keep this thread up to date with known issues and release notes, but I'm off to a rocky start. :[

We'll eventually have a more relaxed release schedule, but while we're working furiously we're often releasing an update every day. You don't need to do anything, it will update automatically. Most of the noticeable fixes that have been released so far have been fixing issues with remote connections to the web client. For future updates I'll try to be a bit more specific.


Ok, finally uploading an updated bundle to fix a few things.


[]Fix the download link when connected remotely.

]Fix the music player when connected remotely.

[]Fix resuming a video on iOS.

]Show both mark watched/unwatched when an item is partially watched.

[]Add watched/unwatched icons.

]Fix remote connections in IE 9.


But it's not all bug fixing over here. We also have an early implementation of browsing sections that others have shared with you. This is still brand new, so don't be surprised if it doesn't feel perfect yet. A couple notes:


[]Your PlexPass gives *you access to the Web Client; people who've shared sections with you don't have to have PlexPass for you to play things from their shared sections.

[*]The Web Client depends on a pretty recent version of Plex Media Server, preferably the one released this week. If someone shared sections from a server running an older version, it might not work. And if it doesn't work, it won't nicely tell you why.



Sorry for the long delay between updates! We've been hard at work on some updates that were blocking us from releasing anything. There were a lot of small bug fixes and style tweaks, but here are the larger changes in this update:

[list][]Passing a token through the url is deprecated. You can now sign in to myPlex directly through the application.[]Added "Remember Me" option and sign out functionality.[]Added support for shared users to access your web client (they must have PlexPass as well, for now).[]Preserve previous filters and sorts when navigating away from media list.[]Added type to filter sidebar (e.g. shows/episodes, artists/albums).[]Added delete button when editing movies/episodes/tracks (allow media deletion preference must be enabled).[]Added back button to navigation bar.[]Added details to video player view.[]Added episode list to video player view when viewing an episode (shows other episodes in the season with the currently playing episode highlighted).[]Grouped items in the navigation bar into an account dropdown.[]Fixed timeline button in status bar.[]Cleaned up server timeline list.[]Added basic setup wizard.[]Redesigned server preferences view.[]Added myPlex section to server preferences.[]Added Agents section to server preferences (you must show advanced preferences to see it).[]Added Unmatch.[]Added Match Using (bottom of Fix Match modal).[]Allow canceling of section scans.[]Added spinner to navigation bar to indicate when a section is being scanned.[]Removed 300ms delay for clicks on touch screens.[]Details views now update live as information for the media items change.[*]Added a My Channels view that lists all installed channels (accessed by the browse button in the dashboard).[/list]


Another update has just been pushed. Most importantly, this update includes a log in fix for users with unpublished media servers.

[list][]Fixed bug preventing users from logging in through unpublished servers[]Redesigned section view[]Moved On Deck and Recently Added to section view[]Added multi-select functionality to media lists (no actions will show up for selected media items until a new Plex Media Server is released)[*]Added localization support (only English is available until translations are added)[/list]


Another update is out the door! For those that were experiencing log in issues on Windows 8, please try this update and reply here if you still have a problem.

[list][]Fixed log in issue on Windows 8[]Fixed bug trying to format empty dates (thanks bshep!)[]Fixed filter popover on iOS[]Added support for transcoding music (you can now play FLAC files with the music player). Please note that you will not be able to seek within a transcoded track until it fully loads. The buffer bar won't update as it loads, but it will appear once the track loads completely.[]Updated filters to support unwatched shows (requires the next, unreleased version of Plex Media Server)[]Updated list styles[]Improved list adaptation to different media types (e.g. the compact list now shows both the show and episode title when viewing episodes)[]Added support for editing country tags for movies[*]Improved the Add to Collection popover (requires the next, unreleased version of Plex Media Server)[/list]




**We're bringing in the weekend with another update! Watch a lot of movies with subtitles? Want to start playback on another plex client? Grab the update or wait for the media server to pull the changes.

[list][*]Added remote playback option (when local clients are available, the play button will be a split button that allows playing to other clients -- this will not work with remote/shared servers)[
]Added Media Info modal for viewing detailed information about media items (click the info button in the action bar when viewing movie or episode details).[]Added support for changing audio and subtitle selections in movie and episode details.[]Added support for displaying subtitles in videos.[]Added subtitle size and audio boost options to settings.[]Show title in status bar and timeline list instead of "item ___" when available (requires a server).[]Moved "Optimize" to server maintenance section.[]Added "Clean Bundles" to server maintenance section (requires a server).[]If a media list is being sorted, list items will display the field that is being sorted.[]Added global search (requires a server).[]Added support for changing season artwork.[]Added support for marking shows and seasons as watched/unwatched.[]Added support for reconnecting to web socket if the connection is lost.[]Fixed issue with media lists not paginating in very large browsers.[*]Fixed bug preventing channel videos from being played.[/list]




**A minor update was just pushed with a few bug fixes, an icon and startup image for iOS, and a new "Unavailable" flag for movies and episodes.

[list][*]Added codec and channel info to the audio dropdown[
]Added icon for application when saved to the home screen on iOS[]Added startup image for application when saved to the home screen on iOS[]Added "Unavailable" flag for when a movie or episode is inaccessible[]Added section to Media Info modal to display problems with files[]Fixed control-click behavior when selecting multiple items in the media lists on Windows[]Fixed global search on touch screens[]Fixed layout bug with audio and subtitle dropdowns when no summary is available[/list]




**This update includes some improvements to channels and scanning along with some bug fixes and ui improvements.

[list][*]Improved scanning experience (much of this requires the next, unreleased version of Plex Media Server)[
]Improved user interface for browsing channels[]Added support for all items in "More…" when browsing the Channel Directory[]Added "Check for Updates" shortcut to the Channel Directory[]Added more shortcuts to browse between My Channels and the Channel Directory[]Small updates to the icons being used[]Added support for music channels[]Fixed playback for some video channels[]Fixed showing unavailable servers in the server dropdowns and modals[]Fixed issues with browser extensions/add-ons interference[/list]




**Another minor update is out the door. This update primarily focuses on improving the user experience and consistency of the application. A lot of this was based on user feedback, so please keep the feedback coming!

[list][*]Updated settings to show Plex/Web settings alongside Plex Media Server settings[
]Moved section actions to a split action bar with the selection actions[]Added tip for new users explaining how to select items[]Added many small design tweaks to make things more consistent[]Simplified the "Add a Section" modal[]Added a separate modal for selecting folders[*]Cleaned up the setup wizard[/list]




**I just pushed a very small update while we work on releasing a much larger update.

[list][*]Fixed remote playback[
]Added photo viewer for photo channels[*]Added deleted icon to tile list for items that are in trash[/list]



Our little gated community has finally been opened up to the world. We've updated the Flash video player, added translations, and enhanced the breadcrumbs, among other things.

[list][]Removed the requirement to be a PlexPass subscriber[]Added login form to dashboard[]Updated the Flash video player[]Created new skin with a volume control for the Flash video player[]Fixed aspect ratio in the Flash video player (fullscreen still stretches the video)[]Lots of updates to the setup wizard[]Added support for changing agent settings[]Show all breadcrumbs for media and collapse them as necessary[]Added Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and French translations[]Fixed issues related to displaying and saving settings[]Fixed visible unwatched icons for shared media[]Fixed modals in IE10[/list]



I just pushed another minor update. We added some more translations, fixed a bug, and optimized the media list a little for those users with large media collections.

[list][]Updated translations and added Portuguese, German, Italian, and Dutch[]Fixed bug with language dropdown in the Edit Section modal[*]Restore the items and scroll position of the media list when navigating back to a section[/list]



I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! As you sleep off the turkey, you're media server will be downloading Plex/Web 0.9.8. This update introduces basic direct play support and various bug fixes.

[list][]Added basic support for direct play (mp4 / h264 / aac videos can be directly played in Chrome, Safari, and IE10. hls channels can be directly played)[]Added redirect for webkit channels (e.g. Hulu)[]Fixed issue with indirect channels (e.g. Vimeo)[]Added setting for remote streaming quality[]Added settings to limit searches from remote libraries and channels[]Added support for selecting the quality when multiple qualities are available[]Always show the Agents section in the server settings[]Fixed issue with fix incorrect match request timing out[]Fixed ellipsis not being included in truncation logic[]Fixed myPlex image not showing up on Linux servers[]Fixed issue with artwork changes not being reflected in the media list[]Fixed issue preventing application from loading in IE8[/list]



**The jump from 0.9.8 to is smaller than this update reflects. We just want to make sure we hit version 1.0 when the feeling is right. :) The largest changes in this update come in the form of sidebar enhancements.

[list][*]Updated translations[
]Added setting for direct play (you can choose to direct play if possible or always stream)[]Added various enhancements to the section view and sidebar[]Added alphanumeric pagination (download the Plex Media Server preview release for the best experience -- it handles alphanumeric pagination combined with filters better)[]Updated on deck and recently added to reuse the media list[]Fixed issue directly playing remote videos[]Fixed issue with the bold font and special characters[]Fixed Authorization header not being sanitized in logs[/list]


Has your recommendations playlist been looking a little empty? This update to Plex/Web brings better integration with myPlex by adding support for friends, recommending videos, and sharing videos on Facebook. A view by folder option was also added for those that like to peruse their directory structure.

[list][]Added support for managing friends and friend requests[]Added support for recommending online content to friends[]Adding support for sharing online content on social networks (Facebook)[]Added a view by folder option (located in the sidebar next to the other list options)[]Updated style of select modals[]Updated translations[]Fixed issues with Fix Incorrect Match and unmatched media[]Fixed resuming videos on iOS[*]Fixed bug with alphanumeric pagination selection not resetting[/list]


This update is a minor update focused on bug fixes. We also added a few more actions for selected media items.

[list][]Added delete button to action bar for media items ("Allow clients to delete media" setting must be enabled)[]Added refresh and mark (un)watched actions for selected media items (hold shift or command/control to select media items)[]Don't show section actions alongside multiselection actions to prevent confusion[]Added media info button for music tracks[]Added support for resuming a video when playing remotely[]Prefer HTML5 audio for music playback (avoids issues caused by users disabling Flash)[]Allow application to be used without localStorage enabled[]Added summary explaining the Direct Play setting[]Updated translations[]Fixed issue preventing timeline list from displaying[]Fixed issue with shared servers being used from a hostname other than the ip address (requires media server)[]Fixed issue truncating non-Latin characters[/list]


This update includes a much improved filtering ui. Those of you with larger media collections with lots of genres will be pleased. I also added a much easier way to see what version of Plex/Web you are using and manually update Plex/Web without going to the Channel Directory.

[list][]Added many improvements to the filtering interface[]Replaced the "Add to Collection" popover with a select modal[]Added a version and "Check for Updates" option in Plex/Web's settings[]Updated translations[]Fixed issue with view by folder causing the first folder to be paginated[]Fixed issue with view by folder causing tracks to lead to a media type not supported error[]Fixed issue with friend requests[]Fixed some minor visual cross-browser issues with text inputs[/list]


This is a very minor update with a few under-the-hood changes and a couple fixes for issues that were introduced.

[list][]Fixed regression with tag inputs (collection, director, country, etc.)[]Fixed issue preventing friends from being added[*]Fixed style issue with channel photo viewer[/list]



This update should help channel users out quite a bit. We've added support for RTMP and postURL channels (YouTube) as well as multi-part videos (Colbert Report, South Park, etc.).

[list][]Added pre-play view for channel videos[]Added additional breadcrumb for channel media[]Added support for postURL channels (YouTube)[]Added support for multi-part videos[]Added setting to always use highest resolution possible when multiple are available[]Updated translations (added Russian and Czech)[]Fixed "server not available" issue on some mobile browsers[]Fixed issue with RTMP channels[*]Fixed issues with media server settings after signing in remotely[/list]