Plex for Android


Release notes
**Plex for Android v2.9.18**

Make sure you're running the latest Plex Media Server:

Google Play ~ [link won't work for a few hours]

First release. Known issues:

[*]Resuming videos seems to be broken on Android 4.2.2 on a Nexus 7, at least. What a disappointing release gift :)
[*]Sync is still a bit rough around the edges.
[*]Syncing to external SD cards is likely not working.
[*]There is no remote control yet.
[*]View state of synced content is not sent back to the server.
[*]Playing (flinging) media to other players is not yet supported.
[*]The application is prone to running out of memory on some devices.
[*]LOTS of other stuff I'm sure you'll tell us about :)


Plex for Android v2.9.19

Google Play ~ download page

APK ~ here

NEW: Should now be GTV-compatible.

NEW: Do a connectivity check when user taps refresh on the home screen.

NEW: Add a share action, allows queuing URLs to Plex from other applications (thanks for the suggestion!)

FIX: Quite a few crashes. Please keep submitting them so we can fix :)

FIX: Improve memory usage around music playback.

FIX: Reduce memory usage around background art.

FIX: Only consider non-shared servers for default.

FIX: Unwatched filter was backwards.


Plex for Android v2.9.20

Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here

FIX: Disable GPS for now until we figure out how to make it turn off quickly.

FIX: Improve the share action, don't bring up Plex, and reload the queue in the background.

FIX: Improve the look of the audio playback notification (don't worry, we'll add buttons soon!)

FIX: Audio notification now leads to Now Playing screen.

FIX: Slight tweak to background color of action bar.

FIX: More fixes to get it to show up for Google TV.

FIX: A few more reported crashes.


Plex for Android v2.9.22

Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here

* New Italian translation.

* Fix issue where track duration could be cropped.

* Don't allow multiple "now playing" windows to launch.

* Don't allow sync over cellular network if not permitted.

* Add an advanced preference for fast resume, disable if you run into aspect ratio issues when resuming.

* Kick off sync on app start and when item added/updated.

* Fix a crash in the audio player.

* Fix another crash in the audio player on pre-4.2.

* Sync storage location choice is now respected.

* Allow manual selection of custom sync directory.

* Reduce minimum to 0.1 GB so that Google TV devices can at least sync some media.

* Resume should now work perfectly (and more quickly) across all versions of the OS.

* Add some missing icons to the menu.

* Fix a crash in settings on tablets.

* Be careful not to delete synced content if there wasn't a successful sync.

* [GTV] Fix a crash during notifications.

* [GTV] Allow basic navigation via remote control.

* [GTV] Hide filters when focus moves back to section grid.

* [GTV] Added small/big skipping via ffwd/rew/next/prev keys.

* [GTV[ Should be compatible with Google TV devices now.

* [GTV] Slider for sync storage limit works.

* [GTV] Pass AC3/DTS compatibility to allow remuxing those formats.


Plex for Android v2.9.23

Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here

  • NEW: Audio controls in notification (skip, pause, play)

  • NEW: Allow synced content to play in external players

  • NEW: Improved refreshing of TV / Movie content (scroll position maintained).

  • [GTV] Allow play button to directly play On Deck items

  • [Fix] Resolve issue where storage location could not be set to external location

  • [Fix] Resolve issue where incomplete synced files could be played

  • [Fix] Resolve issue resuming sync download

Please make sure you have the latest Plex Media Server installed from here. Lots of other stuff in the works, but we just wanted to bring you some important fixes.

If you're having trouble syncing, we recommend whacking your existing sync items, as some of the fixes in this version may help. Also note that when you run a sync right after adding something, it'll tell you that the sync is complete, even though only the metadata portion is complete. We're working on clarifying that message, and using Android notifications to keep you better informed!


Plex for Android v2.9.25

Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here

The result of some weekend hacking by your friendly neighborhood Keplerites!
  • [Sync] Send up resolution for sync items (thanks, ToMM!) - (will need to edit or remove/add to get the setting).
  • [Sync] Display synced content from more than one server
  • [Sync] Ensure that when syncing over wifi we attempt to keep wifi connection (speeds up transfer)
  • Add Serbian translation
  • Fallback to transcode if Direct Play fails
  • When transcode playback is paused for a long time, resume works
  • Detect media not being accessible before playing
  • Resolve playback issues with iTunes
  • Ensure theme music stops when going back to the home screen
  • Resolve layout issue of episode unwatched count indicator
  • Resolve layout issue for Seekbar preference
  • Lots of further improvement to the refresh code
  • [GTV] Resolve issue where theme music prevented multi-channel audio
  • [GTV] Support play button in most areas.
  • [GTV] Resolve crash playing video after music.


Plex for Android v2.9.27

Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here
We've got a good handful of fixes for you! I apologize things have been a bit slow, Ian just had a baby (well, his wife did), which, as you might imagine, makes code-slinging a bit challenging. Hopefully he'll post a photo of the little bundle of joy soon so we can all join in congratulating him!
(We have lots of enhancements/fixes to Sync coming, including providing more/better status via a notification, and a fix for the 2GB file limit.)

  • Fixed an issue where connectivity to a server could be lost.
  • Fix video aspect ratio not being correct on some devices.
  • Fix audio notification layout issues.
  • Start adding more sync status into the sync list in settings.
  • Only toast about server discovery if application is active.
  • Better sync defaults for TV shows.
  • Minor UI: Don’t make on deck progress bar visible until value set.
  • Don’t allow secondary servers to become ‘selected’.
  • Fix a crash when pausing audio.
  • Fix issue when remote play is issued.
  • Fix crash in search.
  • Fixed a few other crashes.

Don't forget, your reviews on Google Play keep us motivated and excited. Like this one, for example, which truly inspires us to greatness.



(All of Mark's points are valid, mind you.)


Plex for Android v2.9.28

Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here
Just posted a new APK with a fix for the "small video" issue on some devices.


Plex for Android v2.9.30
Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here
OK, we have another update for you, which I hope you'll agree is worth the wait. We've completely revamped the sync UI to be much, much better and more useful, and fixed a ton of issues (0-byte image files, synced content not playing, etc.).
NOTE: You'll want to grab the new PlexPass Plex Media Server release that is now available. It has fixes that affect PlexSync and Kepler.
NOTE: You'll want to re-analyze your media (go into a section, and select More > Analyze). This fixes some High Profile H.264 files not playing when remuxing on Kepler.
If you run into any issues after having done the above, please make a topic, note that it's a new issue, provide us with media samples which reproduce the issue, and we'll keep crushing bugs!

  • NEW: Massive improvements to sync UI. Added notifications, status page, got rid of dialog.
  • NEW: Allow non-touch devices to focus video controls and manipulate seek bar.
  • FIX:  0 byte sync’ed images (needs new PMS).
  • FIX: Fix to make maximum sync limit preference behave correctly.
  • FIX: Consider all streams when deciding to Direct Play.
  • FIX: Fix 2/4GB limit on for synced files on some filesystems.
  • FIX: Don’t start the audio service when playing video.




Plex for Android v2.9.31
Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here

  • NEW: Delete library content from client (needs to be enabled on your server).
  • NEW: 40Mbps quality setting. Helps ensure remuxing on GTVs.
  • NEW: Force Direct Play Profile (available in Settings - Device Profile). Attempts to always Direct Play videos and will fallback to transcoding if fails.
  • NEW: Setting to allow disabling 'Network Discovery'.
  • FIX: [Sync] Make sure we set the resolution limit when creating a sync item.
  • FIX: [Sync] Update audio/Pphoto quality when updating a sync item.
  • FIX: [Sync] Resolve various issues which prevented syncing of channel content.
  • FIX: [Sync] Ensure that the Sync List page continually showed updates to syncing and transcoding.
  • FIX: [Sync] Provide descriptive message when attempting to sync unsupported content.
  • FIX: Resolve issue where video control visibility was being toggled too aggressively.
  • FIX: Minor UI tweaks to the transcoding notification.
  • FIX: Various crashes.


Plex for Android v2.9.32
Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here

  • FIX: An issue browsing synced photos.
  • FIX: Ensure sync location is writable.
  • FIX: With high quality sync, limit resolution to screen size.
  • FIX: Update server reachability before syncing.
  • FIX: A few silly crashes that crept into the last release.


Plex for Android v2.9.36
Google Play ~ download page
APK here ~ here

Lots of good stuff in here for you all to enjoy!

  - Synchronize watched status and progress for synced content back to server.
  - Support 'Play On' for playback on other players (hold down play button).
  - Added new section filtering options, On Deck, Recently Added, Types, By Folder, etc.
  - Synced files are now discoverable via a section filter "Synced".
  - Various fixes for minor issues and crashes.
  - Resolved issue where synced item wasn't automatically marked as watched after playback.
  - Removed 'Fast Seek' option as it broke playback on many devices.
  - Resolved issue browsing playlists in the iTunes channel.
  - Resolved playback issue which prevented Direct Play of media which had no audio stream selected.
  - Selecting a friend request or recommendation notification will now also cancel the notification.
  - Resolved layout issue in Friends page where long names could push the buttons off screen.
  - Fallback to transcoding when Direct Play of audio fails.
  - Fix inconsistency in HTTP headers passed to media server.
  - Fix a refresh issue when deleting multiple sync items.


Plex for Android v2.9.38

Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here

A new release including some needed bug fixes and some extra "candy", enjoy!


- Parallax scrolling background art on home screen and small-screen pre-plays.

- New preplay layouts for episodes and video clips on smaller screen devices

Show synced sections/channels merged with “live” ones.

Added notifications for remote control when remotely playing.

Allow “Play On” for On Deck items.

Add the ability to refresh the list of players.


- Fix issue causing "Play To" to randomly fail

Be smarter about picking the server to use to issue remote control commands.

Server reachability is updated as the network changes.

Apply maximum bitrate limit when deciding whether or not to Direct Play.

- Fix issue where filter menu would automatically close.

- Fix alignment of audio / subtitle stream selectors

Channel pages now display a title

Fix issue with missing thumb for some episodes in the video player

Only toast when application is focused.

Verify server identifier when connecting.

Audio player notification wasn’t always updating/disappearing.

Fix a crash in photo viewer on some devices (e.g. Sony).

Fix a few cases where we didn’t track server version correctly.

Fix some field-reported crashes.


Plex for Android v2.9.40


Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here


A new release including some needed bug fixes and a few new features, enjoy!



  - Support for client side subtitles. We now support rendering subtitles (without transcoding) if they are external (not embedded in the video file) and of one of the following supported formats: SRT, SMI and ASS

  - Add ability to browse "Up" from library content

  - Move "Home" button to separate action




  - Filter out unusable remote players

  - Proxy Plex Media Center remote commands via Plex Media Server

  - Detect server unavailability and navigate back to Home screen

  - Request constant sized image for photo view, to increase cache hit frequency

  - Resolve layout of settings for smaller screen devices

  - Various bug fixed and crashes


Plex for Android v2.9.41


Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here


A small bug fix release, enjoy!



  - Default posters for items which don't have any thumbnails



  - Crash introduced by 3rd party library

  - Crash attempting to setup transcoder quality settings

  - Resolve issue which prevented single watched episode syncing

  - Allow intelligent server selection when transcoding is required

  - New Sync sections would not become available or removed when the last item was removed, unless the application was restarted


Plex for Android v2.9.42


Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here


Sorry for the delay, but a bumper bug fix release... enjoy!



  - Respect local preference for subtitle size

  - Draw black border around local subtitles to make them more readable

  - Move local subtitles lower

  - Fix loading of images from iPhoto

  - Added default section thumbs in case loading from PMS fails

  - Fix refresh issue in section pages

  - Resolve layout issue for track titles which were too long

  - Center album thumbs in the Artist page

  - Only update reachability if we're not "Offline"

  - Fix issue where "Clear Cache" would be ignored

  - If we can't locally transcode a photo due to memory, use the original

  - Stop theme music when the application loses focus

  - Report errors when browsing a library section fails

  - Resolve various layout issues with the notifications

  - Reduce memory requirements for the background artwork slideshow

  - Replace the "40Mbps" settings with "Maximum", to allow Direct Play of >40Mbps videos

  - Don't attempt to load different image, if the original failure was out of memory

  - Resolve issue with iTunes artist/album titles

  - Fix crash if page was killed before we finished loading

  - Fix crash when reloading the Friends page

  - Display album artist in locked screen audio controls

  - [Sync] Don't delete local state too eagerly

  - [Sync] Report sync list unavailable instead of "no items" when we're offline

  - [Sync] Specify a suitable photoResolution for synced photos, based upon the Quality settings

  - [Sync] Allow single photo syncing

  - [Sync] Don't persist synced section filters, since they can change as synced content changes

  - [Sync] Resolve filter issues with synced content

  - [Sync] Resolve crash when accessing "Up" from synced content

  - [Sync] Resolve issue which preventing channel content from working and causing crashes and general instabilities

  - [Sync] Resolve channel issue preventing the application from showing the detailed view of the metadata

  - [Sync] Display bit-rates when creating sync items and ensure that they are passed to the server

  - [GTV] Show the navigation controls when the user presses the play button


Plex for Android v2.9.43


Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here


Another minor update to resolve a few issues which snuck in at the last minute...




 - [Sync] Crash when browsing filtered content

 - [Sync] Incorrect error dialog when browsing synced section filter for which no synced content exists. 


Plex for Android v2.9.47

Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here



This update changes the underlying format that we store synced items. Once applied, you should perform a sync so that it can be updated. This process does not remove any of the currently synced data.



  - Improved login and sign up experience

  - Option to "prefer synced content"

  - New 'Announcements' to keep up-to-date about all things Plex



  - [Sync] Resolve issue where having synced channels would cause incorrect sync status to be displayed for all items.

  - [Sync] Cleanup the UI for the sync list page

  - Crash when rotating on the episode/movie preplay pages

  - Support subtitle / audio stream selection across multiple versions of media

  - Improve layout of albums

  - Clarify AC3 / DTS settings in the Device media profiles

  - [GTV] Allow seeking audio via the DPAD

  - [GTV] Better handling of fast forward / rewind remote control events


Plex for Android v3.0.0.0


Google Play ~ download page

APK here ~ here



  - A new release number! (very excited to finally make this version also available to all Android users)



  - Better resource management for the background audio service.

  - [Sync] Workaround for carriers that configure a webproxy in their APNs

Plex for older android version

Plex for Android v3.0.1.0


Google Play ~ download page

PlexPass APK here ~ here


You spoke, we listened. It's been a busy weekend, but we're happy to introduce a new release as quickly as possible for our users.



  - Removed myPlex sign in as a requirement for the non-PlexPass version

  - A first working version of the Remote Control Widget



  - Remove "location" requirement for application

  - Fixed recommendations and sharing for episode and movie online content