Plexamp - Gapless output


Am I missing something, but is it possible to crossfade between songs, to create gapless output?


There are two modes, essentially:

  • If playing from an album, in order, it uses gapless mode to seamlessly join tracks together (e.g. from a live Phish album)
  • If playing shuffled or from different albums, AND your music has been analyzed by the media server, it creates overlaps/fades between the tracks.

If you’re not hearing the second case, it’s probably because your music hasn’t been analyzed yet.


Thanks Elan! Any plans to add an option to disable that second behavior?

I personally hate cross-fade… brings back too many painful memories of a stint as a radio DJ where the suits jammed cross-fade down our throats to save a few precious seconds of airtime. :smiley: ¯\(ツ)


Just want to say THANKS for a client with gapless playback. This is a huge step in me ditching Subsonic… Now if we can get the Android client up to speed with gapless. :smile:


@chucksense ~ Not at the moment; remember, it’s a very opinionated little guy :lol:

Bear in mind there’s no actual crossfading going on, it’s just finding optimal overlap points, so it might be less annoying for you.


Having used it for all of 2 days, I can tell you the cross-fade does absolutely annoy me.

But I tend to listen to full albums more than shuffles so maybe that’s not a problem I’d encounter all that much.

Now if it would shuffle by album, it would easily become my go-to player! :wink:


Noted, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


Absolutely love crossfading, although I would prefer to also have a setting for it from 0 (disabled) to whatever plus the automagic thing you do at the moment. Was really delighted that not only gapless works but there’s crossfading for mixes. Was waiting for that for a long long long time. Now - of course - I would like to have it for Android devices! On Windows everybody can do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi there, I mainly listen to studio albums and most have not been analysed (running on a Pi so will not force that).

The issue is that despite not having the volume data - and as alluded to above - plexamp still overlaps the music (or cuts out silence) which can be (and mostly is) quite abrupt or completely “wrong” (ie. plays the loader beginning of next track over the quieter end when it wouldn’t be expected).

Can I ask that if this data is missing then it skips this feature and perhaps is less aggressive even with the data?

You mention the example of the feature taking the gap out of live albums that aren’t intended to have a gap. This is a useful feature and one I’d appreciate, but in that case it should be looking for similar volumes to match before cutting any silence which is otherwise intended to be “heard”.

Other than that it’s just what I’ve wanted!


P.S. should have mentioned the obvious that - you probably don’t want - an option to disable this would also be fine if it cannot be improved just yet. (it seems the design is trying to avoid preferences but this is a worthy goal that is hard or impossible to meet well!)

Also, live albums with the type of gap not intended are usually more distinctive than a studio album; where you have a sudden absence of any wave form followed by a sudden resumption of sound at the same volume as before, vs. a studio album that typically has at least some volume difference (even if only very minimal sound visible at the wave level).

Anyway, cheers and looking forward to any updates. :smile:


This track played not long after posting - there’s supposed to be a constant beat at the end of the first track, a gap, then a similar beat starting the second.

Clearly it overlaps a full five seconds which is waaaaay too much and should have done nothing as it had no volume data. There’s other examples - I think around 15% of transitions play over the end of a track enough to sound wrong, whereas another 15% go from one track to the next abruptly as all the silence is gone (which also sounds wrong).


I had an overlap of more than 1m30s on one occasion. Can’t remember which was the first song to reproduce, the second was almost over by the time the first “ended”. I’m glad that I can switch this abomination off in 1.0.1.


@jmeosbn ~ you might want to turn off the crossfading (see release notes for 1.0.1 for how to do that). I think if we don’t have the loudness data, we just do a blind (and actual crossfade) which is ofc less good than the smart one. We might want to turn that off in a future update.


I am still having an issue with gapless play. When I play on my Mac choosing local it plays gapless. But, if I choose the Plex app running on my ROKU 3 there are still pauses between tracks. Will all the clients get gapless play. It is a must have not just on a desktop computer. I never listen to music that way.


Yeah, the part which is gapless is the local Plexamp player. It’s a different body of work on each different player (and in some cases, not technically possible).


I am finding the cross fade annoying. I prefer to listen to an album the way it was recorded be it live with no gaps or with a fade out before the next track etc.

I like Plex Amp but really wish I could disable the crossfade effect.

PS: I just realised it is only doing it on shuffle play but it still sounds horrible to me. Please, please, please add the feature to disable it if you don’t like it.