PlexConnect FAQ's



###Q1 - What are the specs of ATV2 and ATV3 ?
ATV2 -
ATV3 -
Video and/or audio with other specs should transcode in order to play.

###Q2 - Video transcoding
Whenever you want to stream a file whose specs are different from above PlexConnect will request a transcoding decision to PMS. You should use ATV settings (screen panel on each ATV) to specify its maximum allowed bitrate (which is 14MBps for ATV2, and 20 Mbps for ATV3). If you specify higher bitrates than these the ATV may hang (or not) during playback and power recycle will be needed to return it to normal.

Subtitles require transcoding if they are embedded. External .srt subtitles are supported natively and do not require transcoding

###Q3 - Audio transcoding
ATV’s can decode AAC and MP3 natively, and can passthrough other audio tracks to TV/amplifier. PlexConnect has Dolby Digital disabled by default because most TV/amplifiers do not support it. If your TV/amplifier can’t play AC3 you must leave it disabled. This will force audio transcoding of AC3 audio tracks to Stereo.

But if you have your ATV connected to a TV (or amplifier) that accepts AC3 (Dolby Digital) you can enable Dolby Digital (in Apple settings, and also in PlexConnect settings). Dolby Digital=auto (Apple’s default) is not supported and will cause problems with PlexConnect. PMS will then stream AC3 audio tracks without transcoding them (but will transcode AAC 5.1 into AC3 5.1).

In summary, both parameters (Apple’s and PlexConnect’s) should be either On or Off depending on your audio device. If you have no sound this means that your TV (or amplifier) does not support DD.

Warning: Setting Dolby Digital to on in PlexConnect, and to Off or Auto in ATV Settings are forbidden combinations that will prevent playback (ATV pauses or gives error messages that film can’t be played).

###Q4 - Using the ATV remote for better viewing experience - please note that some features, such as chapter navigation, are only available in DirectPlay situations

###Q5 - Plex features not supported by PlexConnect
There are many Plex features referenced here but some of them are not available in PlexConnect, such as:

  1. Flinging
  2. Plex News
  3. Inline Collections (non-hybrid collections are supported)
    PlexConnect also has some limitations with the support of:
  4. Photo Albums - if they contain videos PlexConnect will not see them. You need to create a separate library for videos

###Q6 - Can PlexConnect be used with remote ATV’s ?
No. PlexConnect and ATV’s should be installed in the same LAN. If you have a jailbroken ATV2 you can install PlexConnect in it. Otherwise you need to install PlexConnect in a separate device. Plex servers can be remote (logging the ATV to

###Q7 - PlexConnect does not find any Plex Media Server
PMS versions from 1.1.0 onwards require that Plex clients are either logged in to, or use an IP that is authorized to access PMS without login. If you opt to use the latest method you need to authorize both the IP of the machine where PlexConnect is running and the IP of all ATV’s, as in the following example (no spaces allowed):

You can also authorize the whole LAN with but this should be avoided if you also use reverse proxy, because then you are going to open PMS to the whole world.

In above examples replace 10.100.100.xx with your actual IP addresses.

###Q8 - How to generate certificates (Windows 64-bit)
Certificates can be copied between platforms, but in case you don’t have certificates, or your certificates have expired, you can use Windows to generate them:

  1. Download OpenSSL from here and unzip to c:\OpenSSL
  2. Open a CMD session and give the following commands
  3. cd c:\OpenSSL
  4. copy bin\openssl.cnf *
  5. bin\openssl req -new -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -out trailers.pem -keyout trailers.key -x509 -days 7300 -subj "/C=US/" -config openssl.cnf
  6. bin\openssl x509 -in trailers.pem -outform der -out trailers.cer
  7. type trailers.key >> trailers.pem
  8. copy trailers.pem trailers.cer and trailers.key to the PlexConnect certificates folder

###Q9 - How to load certificates in the AppleTV
Ensure that PlexConnect is running and follow these steps in the ATV:
2. open AppleTV’s Settings app
3. Select General and select Network
4. set the DNS server to the network connection to the IP address of your PC (or NAS)
5. Again Select General, highlight Send Data To Apple and press Play on the remote (very briefly)
6. Remove any older profile listed here
7. Select Add Profile
8. Enter (ip of PlexConnect)/trailers.cer
9. Reboot the ATV

###Q10 - Can I hijack another application instead of trailers ?
Yes. OpenPlex and the Synology installer already allow this. For the remaining users:

  1. The certificates need to be generated for another URL (where it reads in Q8 step 5. you need to specify another URL, see list below). You can use trailers as the name for the certificates or choose another name
  2. You need to modify hosttointercept in Settings.cfg for the URL to intercept (see list below)
  3. If you change trailers as the name for the certificate, then you need to modify the certfile parameter in Settings.cfg to specify the correct name
  4. Restart PlexConnect so that it picks the changes in Settings.cfg
  5. Load the cert in the ATV following Q9 (changing cert name if needed)

List of URL names for each ATV app:
3. iMovies -
4. WSJ Video -
5. Trailers -

Other URL’s listed here may also work.

###Q11 - My ATV used to work but now has a strange behaviour
For unknown reasons the ATV can work during several weeks and then start showing strange behaviours, such as rebooting in the middle of a film. It is believed that this is due to buffer overruns, or other causes that corrupt the firmware.

The recommended procedure is to restore the ATV to factory settings (reloading the latest firmware). When this finishes you need to complete the ATV setup, which includes rearranging apps in the initial page, loading the certificate required by PlexConnect, specifying the fixed DNS, activating dolby digital if needed, etc.

###Q12 - PlexConnect fails to start in Windows 10
The following post makes reference to two possible problems, and the proposed solutions:

  1. PlexConnect binds to VPN adapters
  2. Windows services using port 80

###Q13 - How to change icon to Plex Icon
Please follow the instructions here (only works from v0.6 onwards)

###Q14 - How to Update PlexConnect

  1. Stable PlexConnect versions can be obtainned from here
  2. Development versions are available here

To update Plexconnect:

  1. Stop PlexConnect
  2. Unzip the new version over the existing one (certificates and settings are preserved)
  3. Start PlexConnect