PlexPy Email Notifications With Poster



I hope this will help others to get PlexPy email notification with poster working.

Recently Added Email

Playback Start Email

  1. Setup email notification, see here
  2. Setting/Notification Agents/E-mail and click the cogwheel

Enter email setting and click Test E-mail to confirm

Click on bell icon next to email and choose notification triggers

Select Notification and enter your Imgur Client ID. First you must create a Imgur Account also see here

Scroll down to Custom Notification Messages and custom your notification type

Recently Added

Playback Start

Untick “Group notification for recently added TV Shows or Music” to display season and episode range in the email notification.

Save and restart PlexPy

I have also attached my custom script.


See update


i don’t know if this is still working or not but i will give a try


there is any way to achieve this with IFTTT+ email ? to get some notification with poster ?


Is Facebook text only? I’m following all of the rules, provided my Imgur Client_ID, but after hitting save… nothing. Any idea why the posters aren’t generating?