PMS (armv8) with fedora (26) on Pi 3B



Is there a process to install PMS (armv8) on fedora 26 Pi3B? I have PMS (armv7) running on Pi3B with centos7 (32bit) but the performance suffers. Testing indicates that memory access is 3x faster with the 64-bit fedora OS than with the 32-bit Centos OS.
Thanks for any feedback.


Interesting :slight_smile: I would not have expected such huge gains.

There are no arm64 binaries available for PMS, however, the armhf binaries will just work on your Pi3B running arm64 CentOS. You just have to enable armhf multiarch support in your CentOS installation and install the armhf glibc.

We provide instructions here in the forum how to do this with arm64 Debian / Ubuntu. I do not maintain a CentOS package, so you will have to talk to the person who provides your rpm package. It should be simple.


Thanks much for the response!