Program Guide update makes it impossible to watch TV until refresh completes



All, I'm running into issues with program guide refreshes. When a refresh is underway, the Shield is virtually unusable - not just Plex, but Live Channels, HD HomeRun app, everything - until the refresh completes. I read that guide refreshes occur during scheduled tasks or upon a restart if the guide is more than 18 hours old. The latter appears to be my issue and I don't see a way to stop it from happening. Any help would be most appreciated.

I'm trying to replace my cable boxes with an HD HomeRun / Plex / Shields on each TV, but this is really causing major problems and is making it hard to convince my family to make the switch. If the media guide update is making the the TV not available when people want to watch TV, then what good is having the Plex DVR? I might as well just switch back to cable boxes.


It seems like this happens every day at almost the exact time that we would be watching TV in the evening. Any ideas?


In server settings, under scheduled tasks, do you see if this box is checked:
"Perform refresh of program guide data." If not, enable it.
Make sure that you let enough time during the night to the server to performed all scheduled tasks. You can change those parameters:
Time at which tasks start to run, and
Time at which tasks stop running

Also, under server settings/live TV & DVR, click on DVR settings. The last check box is this:
Enable more frequent program guide refreshes

Make sure this is not enabled underwise refresh will be performed at 9am, 1om and 5pm unless you really need it.

What is the version of PMS running on your Shield?


I have the latest version of PMS and it still continues to give me problems. I have the times set 1am to 6am, and all of those settings are set as you mentioned, but I still often run into refreshes when my family sits down to watch TV in the evenings.

Let me add that program guide refreshes almost completely disable the Sheild, to the point where the Shield is mostly unresponsive, throws many "app isn't responding" errors, and makes other apps useless while the refresh is occurring.


Is your Shield TV getting rebooted, or is the PMS being restarted? Just like with computer based Plex Servers, if the server application restarts then the guide data is going to be refreshed. Also, if the Plex Server app is updated via the play store, a refresh will happen.


Yes, that is often the case. It seems like the Shield isn't powerful enough to handle watching TV and recording something else at the same time. Then it crashes or otherwise requires a restart and triggers a guide refresh which makes things much worse.

It would be nice if plex would give users the option to defer a refresh upon restarting. It basically makes the Shield unusable while the refresh takes place, which defeats the purpose of going from cable boxes to the Shield in the first place.


Not sure why Plex feels the need to refresh the guide data on every reboot then again I don't know why Live TV is so dependent on the guide data to work at all. I have lost my guide data on more then one time with the FiOs TV boxes but live TV still worked. Plex please change this.....


I've switched Live TV/DVR to the HDHomerun app. It's as ugly as sin, but functions reliably and consistently. I have Plex pointed to the TV shows Libraries for WAN streaming.

I'm under the impression that Plex has tried to do too much too soon. For months staring around June 2017, my scheduled recordings would either fail to record or never finish properly, leaving me in the lurch. That's when I switched. Now, with the update of Exoplayer on Android, I'm getting all sorts of playback issues.

I wish they could tackle one issue/platform at a time before moving on.


For me its not a matter of switching from Live TV to the HD Homerun app, because the Shield itself gets unresponsive due to the guide refresh.

However, I will say that things have become more stable lately with Plex and as a result with my Shield. Unless something detrimental happens, I think I've now convinced my family to stick with Shield/Live TV/Plex.