PS4 Audio out of sync after server update



Since i installed the latest update for the server on my Windows 10 laptop today, all of my previously fine files are now out of sync when playing them on my PS4. Any insight on what to do?


So i'm not sure if this will always work, but i tried going into Audio Settings on the PS4 App and turned on the AC3 option, it seems to have fixed it, i think. But it's quieter, and not as dynamic.


upgrading your server to latest version should fix the audio sync issue.


I have the latest update (as of last week) on my PS4, and I seem to have this problem, I have not tried the switch to AC3, as I tested other files and it's not with all (and yes, to make sure it wasn't a error with the file itself, I watched it on my computer no sync issues).

Any idea?