[UNANSWERED]PS4 Plex app audio desync after FF.



Any way to fix this? Fast forwarding just a little bit is enough to make the sound go off sync completely.


Im having the same problem. It worked great yesterday before updating (was on a 0.9 version, updated to 1.0 and now see this error)


After messing with some settings I found that going in to settings -> audio and ticking the dolby digital box made it significantly better. It is still a little off, but not nearly as bad. At least on the two files i tested.


Sadly I can confirm that I am also having same issue. After the update to Version sound and video are out of sync.


Same issue, only I'm using PS3. Videos play fine all the way through, but if you use Rewind/Fast Forward it goes out of sync and stays out of sync unless you restart from the beginning. Also, if you stop a video that was playing in sync and then continue it later, it will be out of sync.


This is pretty much a game breaker for watching movies.


Hello, Plexers?


Confirming the same issue -- after an update to v1.0.0.2261 FF throws the audio sync off. I'm using a wired connection. Downgrading to the last 0.9.xxxx release corrects the issue.


I have the same issue, I have tried using an optical cable for my audio straight to my sound bar which seems to have fixed it.


Yep, same issue. I have the server on Windows 10, and I'm streaming via PS4 app. Also have the issue if I leave a video file paused for a while, and start back playing.,


@Plexer2804 said:
I have the same issue, I have tried using an optical cable for my audio straight to my sound bar which seems to have fixed it.

I doubt that's it. I use optical as well.


I've actually found the audio to seem to force itself out of sync. If I start a video and it appears fine for a brief moment, the video will jump around until it is de-synced from the audio.

I've had to switch to other devices for Plex streaming.


Confirmed same issue with PS4 Plex app. WAKE UP PLEX DEV AND FIX THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are any Plex devs even looking into this as this problem is making my PS4 app unusable.
Also I would like to know why I am paying Plex pass when updates are being released without being tested first?


Plexers, could we at least have a word that you acknowledge that the app is broken? Pretty please?


Yep. This is a big issue. For the love of Barkley please acknowledge and fix Plex staffers.


Yep this is really pathetic by Plex. Ps4 app is unusable


I got the same problem. The audio is 2 sec behind after the update. Would love to be able to downgrade.


I can confirm that i have the same issue after i updated to 1.0 i have 2 different ps4's and neither had this issue until i updated to 1.0


been having the same issue since last patch. only on ps4. can not use FF at all and sometimes it wont correct it even if i restart the ps4 and restart the movie.