PS4 Plex App keeps saying the server is unreacheable or offline



I've been having the issue for a while.
The server is running on my windows machine and I can access it in a chrome browser.

I uninstalled the Media Server from my Windows machine and the App on the PS4.
Re-installed both and still get the error.

PS4 and Server are on the same local network & subnet.

Playstation App information as found in the About section of the PS4 App.
Plex for Playstation 4 : 3.13.1
Playstation 4 : 01.55

Attaching the logs downloads. The ps4 app connect attempts happened around 21:44 /21:45

Any help appreciated.



Finally found the issue after more digging. Issue was the integrated firewall of AVG antivirus.
With some adjustments all is running fine now.